People are telling you that nobody knows how Jeffrey Epstein made his money.

He's a financial manager who handles clients worth a billion or more.

The reason he was able to court these people is that he didn't reveal their names.

This profile from 2002 shows that he was VERY discreet. Trump knew him and called him a "terrific guy."

My guess is that Trump was already at work. What better way to dismantle a global pedophile ring than to befriend the ringmaster?

@ThomasWic it is rather odd one day he just declares himself the billionaire money manager and starts his own business and become filthy rich . Odd all around odd story . He was not an insider already and found his way in it appears .


Actually he made tons of money for Bear Stearns. He was an options trader.

Epstein is a mathematical genius, so he was able to work out the best ways for clients to protect and increase their assets.

He was made a limited partner and then opened his own company.

There's nothing at all mysterious about how he made his money and how he got to know the elite.

His history is out in the open, contrary to what conspiracy theorists claim.

@bbhack @ThomasWic people with “math” brains fascinate me . I am not one of them .i have been in business management most of my adult life and can run with the basic accounting math just fine . In college I struggled with just ALGEBRA. There was always a wall I would hit and just throw my hands up ... I enjoyed it up until the point that I hit that wall . It always frustrated me because I had always prided myself on being moderately intelligent but Algebra made me feel incredibly low IQ 😏..

@inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic I sympathize completely. Algebra was, to me, the most incomprehensible thing imaginable. Just hearing the words, "You have to solve for 'x' in these problems."
Add fractions to that X and I would break out in a sweat and feel nauseous.
That was decades ago. Now my grandkids are learning algebra.
They regularly look sweaty and nauseous. Genetics don't lie.


I love algebra and it's related to my love of language. Algebra is just another one.

@inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@baldilocks @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

I love language, too, Juliette, but the language of algebra doesn't seem to describe concepts that makes any sense to me.
People who speak it have my sincere admiration.
I had a really good friend some 12 years younger than I a few decades ago. She was a genius at math. She was getting her master's at Vanderbilt. I asked her what kind of math she was studying and she said, "The kind that is used in making nonwoven materials."

@janis @baldilocks @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic All this math talk gives me hives. 😂

I'm terrible at it. Not just algebra, but math in general. I was fine with it, but when they started trying to do tricky things and absurd problems, I couldn't keep up. Don't even get me started on short division!

I'm a fiction writer. I love creating stories.

@umad80 @janis @baldilocks @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic a friend of mine and myself were just laughing the other day about something the Math teachers used to say...." you know, you're not always going to have a calculator in your pocket"........

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