@ThomasWic @Lonestar
She appears to be demonstrating the size of something that came out of her ass

@ThomasWic @Lonestar
Of of the things that struck me about David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS Season 3 (2017) was on my third veiwing of the Season (Hey, it's David Lynch!) I realized Agent Tammy Preston who is slowly brought into the Team is a sharp, Top Notch Agent WHO IS COMPLETELY FEMININE, Lynch simply presents her without comment.
I was looking at a Competitive Female Agent who wasn't trying to be "Mannish" & just one of the boys.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Lonestar
Just gotta love you Duane for your appreciation of the whole feminine woman...we really do exist...in droves little brother...😏

@ThomasWic @Lonestar
My final decision.I will never cut my hair short no matter how old I get.

@Jaime @ThomasWic @Lonestar

The best laid plans and all, you may decide it works for you one day. I wore my hair long for so many years. It was so thick and wavy that it would take hours to air dry.

This woman is age-appropriate for the wave of late 60s feminism. She is intentionally wearing her hair this way to prove to us that men won't force HER to look girly.

@AvgJo @ThomasWic @Lonestar
Makes sense.I also have thick to semi curly hair. A bun works for me. God forgive me, maybe it’s the face.

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