I figured out why so many people will never understand Trump.


It's called the "CSI effect."

People think that real life is like TV.

It's truly bizarre.

People think that Trump will announce, "I'm going to pretend that everyone in my administration is undermining me, but don't worry. None of it is real."

And then we'll all sit back and giggle.

"Watch all them dopes fall for this! None of it is real!"

That's not how it works.

When you carry out clandestine operations, THEY MUST REMAIN SECRET.

You also have to LIE to cover up what's really happening.

Today is one of those days when I have no patience for the apparently indestructible inability to understand Trump.


I'm reading that everywhere. Americans have become Turks.

It's really depressing. And it goes back to the refusal to accept that Trump knows what he's doing.

The stakes are the highest they've ever been, so Trump's allies are not going to do what people do on TV.

Trump's allies are going to keep the charades going.

They're not going to say, "I was taking part in an elaborate counter-intelligence operation!"

Do you know why Trump used the army instead of the Navy SEALs to get Baghdadi?

The SEALs are all writing books.

They never stop talking.

Even McRaven had to beg them to shut up, but since he fostered this jabberwocky, he's in no position to criticize.

Most people want their butts kissed. They want applause.


They expose clandestine operations.



The navy was taken over by leftists who want to damage the country.

They're being relieved of duty as we speak.

All branches of the service are being cleaned out.


@ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC
Of all of Obama’s service secretaries, I believe Ray Mabus was the worst. Totally demoralized the Navy.Heavily pushed promotions for protected classes, changed Naval fuel oil to Bio fuels @14 times the price with damage to ships’ engines also high. Dropped OOD standards. Retention rates bottomed out with yacht Club keeping the poorest of shipmates. Thanks Obama

@masterblaster @ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC

Mabus was a one term Governor defeated by Republican Kirk Fordice when he ran for re-election in MS in the 90’s. I can still remember ppl chanting “Save us from Mabus. Fordice described him as being an arrogant ass. Ok, maybe he didn’t use the work ass! BUT it sounded good. And I’m certain Mabus is an ass!

@MarcusJ65 @ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC
Mabus was a junior Naval Officer with a questionable career. Perfect for Obama’s SECNAV

@masterblaster @ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC

He’s backing Kamala Harris as President. He sure knows how to pick a loser!

@masterblaster @MAGAguyNYC

Trump has alluded to the damage done.

If it's any consolation, it can't compare to what happened in the Korean War.

That was easily the worst abuse of American troops in our history.

@ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC
"Healthy Command Climate"

As in, his subordinates were sane Americans uninterested in authoritarianism as that's what they signed up to fight.
It takes a special Breed to lead Americans....

@ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC
Pretty obvious something went wrong in the Navy with collisions and loss of lives a few years back.

@ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC

My brother is in the Navy, and the first thing he was assigned to was to help fix up a cruiser that had been sitting in dry dock since 2009.

They finally got the ship afloat just this past year.

With Trump in charge and cleaning up the armed forces, I feel much more confident in my brother's safety.

@ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC Senators and Congressmen make nominations to our military academies. Feinstein made dozens while employing a Chinese spy. Our military is hollowed out. Worse, these plants use their military "pedigree" and go on to intel agencies.

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