I was having some groin pains for the past week and decided to hit the ER to get it checked.
The room I was escorted to had four beds in it where all the initial vitals are checked.
While I was waiting to go to cat scan, the woman in the next bed was having a painful procedure done and for over an hour I had to listen to her cries...
"Oh-ooh-oh! Oi-ohhh! Oh-oh-oh! Oi-oi-ohh! Ohhhh! Ahh-ahh-ohh! Oh-ooh-oh! Oi-ohhh! Oh-oh-oh! Oi-oi-ohh! Ahh-ahh-ohh! Oh-ooh-oh! Oi-ohhh! Oh-oh-oh!"

For a full hour.

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