Ok... The Democrats want to impeach President Trump.

Let's bring it to a vote so the RINOS can be further identified.

I'm sick of these fake ass Republicans.

We all know there will be no impeachment because you don't have Jack shit.


Another moron giving aid to the Dimms, by making "impeeezzment" about Republicans.

Not one Republican voted for impeachment, and not one Republican will.


Heck, not even enough Dimms, for that matter.

If you want to help Democrats so much, have the decency to do so openly.


If you have to ask...

What do you call those who support Pelosi and Schiff?


I answered you, moron.

Now, kindly, sod off.

People who quote Michello Obama and give comfort to Pelosi are not high in my esteem.

Tag me no more.

You have been stung by the by the barb of the Don Rickles of Quodverum.😂

I too inadvertently crossed sabers with Mr. Debradelia today, still bleeding.🤣

I understand, and agree, but life moves on. We can still shoot the breeze freely.

Well, It is the sticks and stones that will get you hurt bad in my world. Words are just words.

My dad would say consider the source or something similar. I'm just too old to care about comments that really have no impact on my life.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.