2. A perfectly executed terrorist attack, by Islamic extremists.

We knew EXACTLY who was behind it. Al Q had been attacking the US with increasing boldness for years.

It's sad, looking back. FakeNews had been interviewing the main suspect the whole time, as he plotted the operation and laughed at the west: Osama Bin Laden.

3. A colleague and I wandered from the Place de la Madeleine in Paris, to an English pub.

Hundreds watched the scenes, gobsmacked, on TV.

Including watching the jumpers.

We just shook our heads. That bastard and his gang had pulled off a spectacular coup.

A few hours later, a drunken Englishman approached us as we sat at the bar.

'One thing's for sure,' he said. 'Whoever did this to the Americans will regret it. They'll never stop until everyone involved is eliminated.'

True enough.

4. What he didn't realize is that you can't 'eliminate' evil.

AlQ gave and still gives extremists everywhere hope. They weren't the first islamic movement and they won't be the last.

They had admirers within the US, too. Including one Barack Hussein Obama. Not an extremist islamic terrorist, but someone influenced by islamist ideology. And globalist socialism.

A man who understood AlQ's hatred of the west and America. And who sympathized with it.

5. Much of what we see these days is the final writhing of a malign ideology, that Obama and his gang tried to foist on America.

He failed. The Democratic Party started burning under Obama in in 2012/14.

Many don't understand that the destruction of the Dems we are witnessing is directly related to Obama and what he did.

24/7, we see his disastrous legacy.

Perhaps on this sad day we can reflect that in 2019, we are at least starting to see the start of the end of Obama's virus.

I hope so.

6. America was attacked on 9/11.

But it almost fell in 2008-2016.

Then America gave us POTUS Trump, who has our back.

Today, I mourn for the past, but am hopeful for the future.

The end.

7. H/T to sharp eyed @RikkiTikkiTavi who points out that my failing memory is incorrect.

I remember a fresh morning, but it must have actually been an early afternoon in Paris when 9/11 attacks happened.

My apologies. The pub was in rue des Mathurins. Paris was special, then.

@REX @RikkiTikkiTavi Thought about it too. Watched the TV at my parents' in Israel (4:30pm, one hour later than France). Was stuck at my standing point, gazing at the screen, and couldn't move for 45 minutes, trying to grasp what I was seeing. A crazy day that was...

@Zemeliko @REX @RikkiTikkiTavi @Kathleen this is a very personal experience for me, being from NY and my husband working in the Battery and me waiting for him to come home while knowing at the end of the day that 24 parents from my kid's school and 25 from our Church were dead. Family who never got a single remnant of their loved one back, not even a finger. Mortician friends forever ruined by the volunteer work they did for months. Firefighter family friends lost fathers. It could have broken..

@Zemeliko @REX @RikkiTikkiTavi @Kathleen 2. us but it didn't. My husband walked across the Manhattan bride into Brooklyn to the Atlantic Avenue terminal of the Long Island Rail Road which was flooded with people, some injured. He went down to the tracks and found a train full of people covered in white soot like he was. He found the engineer. "Why aren't you running the train?" he asked. The guy was dazed..."they told us not to move.." Why not> THE train is full, get it the FUCK out of here!!!

@Zemeliko @REX @RikkiTikkiTavi @Kathleen 3. He shook himself and said, you are right! He then signaled down the platform ALL ABOARD! and off the train went. My dear boy was responsible for getting the LIRR running on that day when everyone was literally frozen in fear. He walked up the driveway covered in ash at 4pm after my two young daughters thought that terrorists were coming to kill them because parents came to the school to pick up their kids early...we hugged on the driveway...

@Zemeliko @REX @RikkiTikkiTavi @Kathleen 4. for a long time and it has taken YEARS for us to be able to watch the video of that day and anyone who talks conspiracy stuff I say this to you and hear me loud and clear. NY is STILL wounded beyond measure, just like Oklahoma City.. DO not throw your callous, disrespectful BS at us. If proof exists and is credible and verified FINE. Until that time SHUT the fuck up! Days after, the wind changed and we breathed in the stench of burned bodies.


@oystergirl Don't know if you saw my 9/11 thread. This is my husband's pin from the dedication of the WTC. His uncle, Bob Koch, owned the company that did the steelwork. Like your husband I was fleeing from the disaster on the ground. What I didn't know is how the buildings were engineered. My husband did because he asked his uncle if it was dangerous to build so high. The buildings collapsed as they were designed which is why many of us are still here. Kudos to your husband for being brave.

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