9/11, NYC project managers and the American spirit. I have been through 2 WTC bombings. Today I was surprised to be in a funk. It's 18 years later after all. I read a quote on twitter that I think is apt. I'm paraphrasing, but : "No matter how long ago it happened some of us will relive the trauma."

NY'ers get a bad rap. I'm from NJ, but I worked in Manhattan so long that I think I can claim residence. I don't think of NY/NJ folks as rude. We're direct. We are linear problem solvers. Much like "the Donald". When he came down the escalator the day he announced my ears lit up. I have been in little doubt since about the turnaround he proposed. I've also been astounded by the depth of his mission. It is indeed spiritual and absolutely hearkens back to the Founding Fathers.

@Joycevor i agree, New Yorkers' are direct and real and they have good quick reads on people. It is so dumb to me, how the world has been trained to see these qualities, as a negative.

@Joycevor i saw trump on the street a few times. He was always talking to regular people, and being a ham with a big ego. He had a quick read of people, and was kind of like a blue collar /meets salesman, but with heart and realism. He was picked on by the elite SOB's ...and i think he wants pay back with karma and irony.


@chip I moved to Floriduh 12 years ago. I say that jokingly. I love the climate, have great friends, but....the quick read and rapier wit is something you don't notice until it's gone. Fortunately a lot of my friends have joined me. I'm open to more transplants from my area, but leave the socialism up there.

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