I wasn't going to write about this, because there seemed to be no point, but it's escalating.

So here goes!

Last night, as I was on Quodverum, somebody tried to kick down my back door.

He broke off the door handle, which I didn't think was possible.

I turned off all the lights.

The way my house was built, anyone coming in the back door has to go down a short hallway.

I could see the guy through my kitchen windows, but he couldn't see me.

Big, fat, tall guy. He'd pound on the door and then put both hands on his face.

Here's what living in California does to you:

I initially didn't call 911.

The Sheriff's station is undergoing much legal trouble.

A trainee is suing the station commanders for forcing him to witness crimes that his trainers committed.

They stopped people at random and ticketed them as part of the revenue stream.

The former trainee is suing on the grounds that his superiors tried to force him to violate peoples' civil rights.

I didn't retrieve my gun because I could see the guy clearly, and even if he got into the house, there are about ten things I can do before having to shoot him.

He was a Hispanic homeless guy.

In California, shooting a Hispanic homeless guy even if he broke into your house would bring a world of hurt down on your head.

But he wouldn't go away, so I called the cops.

Took them ten minutes to arrive, even though the station is three minutes away.

Another reason I didn't use my gun is that the cops were utterly incompetent.

I told them to come to the back door.

They went to the front door.

I described myself to the 911 operator.

The cops didn't know who I was.

They said they had no proof that anyone had pulled off the door handle. I may have done it myself.

They said maybe the homeless guy was a friend of mine.

Of course the guy was long gone, and the cops were upset at me for wasting their time.

The door has a heavy duty deadbolt, so finally went to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, I went and got a new doorknob.

And I found these by my garage.

It's a sleeping bag and a bathrobe.

After the cops left, the guy spent the night behind my house.

He pulled off a fence board and pissed all over the plastic tool container.

My guess is he'll come back tonight.

I realized that he's been testing my back door for a long time.

I thought it was the feral cats, but now I realize it was a homeless lunatic.

I'm not afraid. As I said, the house has lots of tricks.

Tonight I'll turn off the lights early and see what happens.

The cops said last night that they'd had a complaint of a retarded Chinese woman knocking on doors, so they said that's who this was.


It was a huge Hispanic man who came back and slept by my garage.

We're on our own here. The law of the jungle.

But you have to be smart. I'm smart. The door is sturdy, and I'm not going to do anything illegal.

But this is California.

This is the Democratic party.

Nobody would help me when I had coyotes living in my back yard, and now a homeless lunatic trying to kick down my door and pulling off the doorknob is not cause for alarm.

Democrats, I hate you. Truly.

Look what you've done.

What should I be in the position of possibly having to SHOOT SOMEONE just because you people hate your fathers?

It's such a bizarre era. Not even my brother seemed to care.

Well, I care.

The hermit that I am, I care about the suffering of others.

After I get out of California, I'll get out of Las Vegas. Where will I go? No idea.

But wherever I go, the people will not be jaded and indifferent.

When you're jaded and indifferent, you're dead. I don't care how much you pretend otherwise.

You're dead.

Whatever else I am, I'm not dead.


@ThomasWic Ugh! I know you can't just up and move tomorrow, but if you need a respite from CA, you're welcome to come to GA.


I loved Tennessee when I drove through it.

Does anybody know any downsides to Tennessee?

@ThomasWic @Baline My dear friends moved to Franklin for a job opportunity and they are now in the same area as their son and family. So far they love it. The constant is that they marvel at how nice everyone is. I'm due for a conference call check-in on them, so I'll ask the question and report back. Thomas you are a little younger than me. Mid-life crises are underrated. Seize the day if you're able.


@ThomasWic @Baline You are more advanced than me! I was in my 40s. I'm open to more change, particularly if it's positive.

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