@Ken1951 This, this made me chuckle. And so true. Even when some disagree, it's like a pillow fight, as opposed the hacking of body parts on twatter


This is the way sanity works, bless this marvelous forum!


@JM @Ken1951 @jeauxy no point in arguing on twitter. whenever you win, you either get blocked, suspended, or get a generic ad hominem attack like "you're a moron"

@watch4thedrop Bebe rexha posted a picture of herself basically naked doing the splits on the bathroom floor with the title " unapologetically me"
I responded..." unapologetically a whore?"
I'm currently suspended 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@JM @Ken1951 @jeauxy

@WarriorPoet @watch4thedrop @JM @Ken1951 @jeauxy

You're lucky not to have met my Mother Superior in Parochial School.🤣🤣

@KenLarkin @WarriorPoet @watch4thedrop @JM @Ken1951 I might not have met yours, but the Penguin who ran my school had to be a guard in a concentration camp. This was one sadistic.............And the holes in the paddle helped keep the paddle straight, with less wind resistance. I know this because as she was SLAMMING that thing across my butt, she was telling me this info. (I changed my grades on my report card)

@jeauxy @WarriorPoet @watch4thedrop @JM @Ken1951

They were very strict disciplinarians.
Spare the rod, spoil the child types.


I lost count of how many rulers Sister Celine cracked across Richard Prest's knuckles in fourth grade.

@jeauxy @WarriorPoet @watch4thedrop @JM @Ken1951


@Cdubois @KenLarkin @jeauxy @WarriorPoet @watch4thedrop @JM @Ken1951 Sr. Albert Therese had a wooden paddle with a deer being chased by a bear - inscribed "The little deer with the bear behind." 2nd grade.

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