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“In January of 2017, I bitterly proclaimed on social media that I would never be able to understand how anybody could vote for a man who stood before a cheering crowd & mocked a reporter’s disability.
That’s when somebody sent me this...”



He is an awesome spokesman! I joined his movement early on, as an 'WalkWith' supporter. It is very difficult for many that have and are walking away, it takes time for many of them to let go of their old habits.

@JM @Cassandra4
And I would imagine that the constant drumbeat of OrangeManBad makes it that much harder.
By design. My mother wasn't a fan of Donald Trump from the beginning, but the incessant yammering of the MSM, combined with their embargoing of true news, made her flip to supporting him.


Many that are silent also joined her move away from the left. Happy she saw through the crud!


@JM @Cassandra4
My parents were never on the left, but they both were Jeb Bush-type GOP. He was so polite and moderate that he didn't scare them.
Trump scared them.
But, God bless them both, they voted for him rather than see Hillary win.
My mother now supports him because all the right people hate him-- and that tells her that he's doing the right thing.


Apologies for my assumption. I understand the safety of keeping things the same, as a nation we required different. Happy they went Trumps way. 😊


@JM @Cassandra4
No problem. As for the safety of keeping things the same, that was getting us nothing and nowhere except worse every day.
I was not a fan of the Bush family, except for that one day when Dubya was on the pile down at Ground Zero.
So Jeb was even further down on my "DO NOT RESUSCITATE

@janis @JM @Cassandra4

This also happened to a friend of mine who is very Christian. She says she can't even watch late night talk shows anymore.

@Lisa22 @JM @Cassandra4

Stephen Colbert is the one my mother can't even bear to see ads for. He offends her with his very presence.

She's not someone who gets off on hatred.


That is the most recent show that my friend was telling me about -- she wanted to watch it for the guests, but it was horrible and even her Christian sister said, "why are you watching that garbage?" It was all about Trump-bashing.

@Lisa22 Yes, the man is offensive in the extreme. Has been for years, but Trump has outed his really hateful nature. He's like Jim Carrey with a talk show.

@janis @Lisa22 Perfect description. When I was a lib Dem, I loved seeing him with Jon Stewart. I thought they were hilarious. Now he revolts me.

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