My dear son just doesn't 'get' his Dad sometimes ....

He was at the house the other day when I asked him for help with a 'little' plumbing job.

Actually it was a big job, thus the reason I required assistance.

A very minor leak developed from the toilet's base. This indicated the wax ring needed replacing.

So, I whipped out a new ring and and sheepishly said it's just this little ring.

It was then he realized the complexity of the 'little job.'


You provided your son with a valuable lesson. I’m sure he’s forever in your debt. 😉

@spinmaven - It's a nasty job removing the old ring.

Lining the bowl back up to seal it properly is like dancing with a slippery hundred pound sack of flower.

Glad he helped, because I probably would have made an enormous mess of it.

@Lonestar @spinmaven

I am such a fan of the new style rings with a neck.

The days of a 2 ring job are over!

@mrbungle @spinmaven

I saw a 'newfangled' non-wax ring in the store, but didn't have the courage to try it out.

@Lonestar @spinmaven

Like spongy one? I think I saw that and passed.

Traditions are too important.

@mrbungle @Lonestar @spinmaven

Hey, the wax rings have worked consistently for a hundred years. If ain't broke don't fix it.

@HectorHeathcote @Lonestar @spinmaven

I used wax to seal my father's canopic jars when he passed and my son better not use some blue spongy contraption.


@mrbungle @Lonestar @spinmaven

I'm an old sailor, so I want mine sealed with pitch, but I hear ya.

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