1. As Saul @Debradelai has been reminding us for years, the islamic terror threat never goes away.


LONDON - 5 stabbed, 2 dead.
THE HAGUE - mass stabbing. Of children, apparently.
PARIS - bomb, Gate du Nord. Luckily, defused.


2. And again, weak leadership plays a major role:

'The London attacker is understood to have been wearing an electronic tag when he staged the attack after being released from prison for terrorism related offences.
He was known to the authorities at MI5 and police because of his previous conviction, sources confirm.'

It wouldn't be the UK cops who shot the bastard, that's for sure. Here's an example of the priorities of the UK cops in 2019:




There's video. It was a some sort of SWAT team who shot the terrorist in London not regular cops. The rifles they had looked pretty high tech.


@Alex_Graham @REX I could be wrong but I don't think regular "bobbies" have guns.

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