This fraud seems very swampy. As in DC swampy.

"Shortly after the story broke, Outcome announced it had hired high-powered trial lawyer and former U.S. Attorney Dann Webb of Winston & Strawn to investigate “any concerns that have been raised about the past conduct of certain employees.” The company suspended three employees with pay while it reviews claims about their conduct, the Journal reported."

"The company also hired lawyer Lanny Davis, a former special counselor to President Bill Clinton, as a spokesman after the publication’s investigation, the paper said."

"Outcome has also made some high level executive hires this year, including Nancy Phelan, the former head of worldwide commercial operations at Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Vivek Kundra, the former chief information officer of the U.S. under President Obama, and Blake Chandlee, Facebook's former vice president of global partnerships and an early employee there."

Also it's a Chicago based company.

"The controversy comes as Outcome Health has experienced rapid growth with first round funding of more than $500 million in May, the announcement of a new downtown Chicago headquarters and plans to add 2,000 jobs within five years."

This is ironic. One of the people named in the indictment was an Obama White House "champion of change".

(FYI - ContextMedia was renamed Outcome, same company)

How ironic is this? Obama WH posted sweet letter from her while she was defrauding her customers and banks of millions.

"Improving Lives in the Land of Opportunity" 😂


"Charged in a superseding indictment filed in the Northern District of Illinois and unsealed today are... SHRADHA AGARWAL, 34, of Chicago, the president of Outcome Health, who was branded as a co-founder."

Shradha Agarwal, before being indicted, was praised by the Obama White House as a "Champion of Change".

She was connected to the Obama WH and she's being charged in massive criminal fraud.



I just googled and this article popped up right away.

"Feds file criminal charges against four former Outcome Health executives, alleging massive $1 billion fraud"

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