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QuodVerum is an Open Forum designed to promote the freest exchange of ideas, in the American tradition. We do not find words nor ideas offensive, and strongly believe that any attempt to portray words as violence is, in itself a violence against words. However, there are a few limits that in order to maintain civility we feel compelled to establish, and those have to do with the sometimes subtle but generally quite discernible line between words and action, to wit: Calls to violence of any kind, the overthrow of the government of the US,promotion of bigotry or hatred against ANY group of individuals or illegal activity will be immediately removed from this forum. Likewise, the promotion of terrorist ideology will not be tolerated. Reports of any such incident will be handled by people, not algorithms, and will be viewed in context. Repeated attempts to falsely report accounts out of context will lead to termination of the accuser. Three is a charm. Otherwise, we expect our users to use their good judgment and, if need be, the BLOCK or MUTE buttons. This is not a collective. We each take care of our own gardens.