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Is there someone who can reach out to Trump to tell him to have ALL ADS subtitled??? So many deaf people have an intense hatred for him and the lack of subtitles and captioning isn't helping!
Yes, deaf people vote based on whose ads are captioned or subtitled.

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@ThomasWic @Argentum47

Me and other Spygate researchers ended up abandoning a research DM group because that asshole was in it. And here he is, still a year later, selling doom and gloom.

Anybody still listening to him at this point just WANTS to be scared.

2020 is a time to CHOOSE.

Be there, and bring some, dear Quods.


Humble to pray, seek divine aid


satanic legion of resistance welcoming self-possession

Which cares for human excellence?

Resilient with a master strategy


"Goated" into forced errors and unforced derangement

Which can defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

Unflappable humor in the cheery fight


Angry clowns on late night, sneering

Which *leads* and rallies?

Which acquiesces in merely farting their discontent?

Genuine joy of service helping others


Human-sacrificing smiles saying "yes we can" to their prey

Which attitude benefits the country more for 2020 and after?



Raging mania

Which is gonna win 2020?

"Race-baiting wretch tops spouse's presidents-on-dollars-are-white comment"

"Emotional constitution"

Pardon my French, f*ck u angry clown.

We need some oxymorons for the fools!

A first:

"Congressional justice"

Unlimited immigration has never been a sane policy.

It's impossible.

"Open borders" is a herd hallucination that feels good but supports cynical power and cheap labor.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.