Two days ago pics were taken of a man with luggage at a station in HK.

The luggage case has People's Armed Police Division 8673 on it.

A suspicion for some time is that PAP paramilitary would be sent under false cover as HK police.

The division is located in Gansu province.

It is not clear why he would be there, for personal travel at least he would lean on Cantonese or English instead of Mandarin.

His backpack is official military merchandise, but doesn't appear to be formally issued.


A recent apparent arrest by the PTU has been noted by some HK citizens.

The PTU member went into a horse stance with his baton held high.

The stance matches PAP training and not HK police practice.

A White House petition was made by a HK citizen yesterday on the issue.

It claims:

"There was evidence that Chinese Government sent mainland police officers to Hong Kong to impersonate Hong Kong police officers. Evidence such as incomplete uniform, different crowd management approach, language(Mandarin was heard but the mother tongue of Hong Kong people is Cantonese)."

Two other photos HK citizens have shared to show the horse stance used by the People's Armed Police in mainland China.

As an aside I have found that Google is using Optical Character Recognition/OCR for pictures.

If you search "红色标记" and "" you will find the Chinese language picture pointing out the red badge of the PTU member with the horse stance.

But you will not find any text in the pages at with "红色标记".

BOTTOM LINE: Google technology can be used by mainland Chicoms to identify and then censor picture posts attempting to bypass normal text recognition.

Jean-Pierre Cabestan is a professor of political science at Hong Kong Baptist University

"On paper, the police in Hong Kong follow Carrie Lam's orders, but in reality, they listen to instructions from Beijing via the liaison office. Beijing has secretly added to the Hong Kong police force, which is 30,000-strong, a number of policemen who speak Cantonese like Hong Kong from the neighbouring Guangdong province, so that they can better integrate."

I speculated the same:


Another horse stance seen in HK PTU.

This is likely People's Armed Police from China mainland.

See previous posts above in thread for context.

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