This guy is DEFINITELY a fed.

When the attack on Any Ngo began, he walked all the way across the street to get close.

He enters the screen on the right.

The man in the camouflage on the right is wearing noise-canceling earphones.

He's also filming.

So the hand signal establishes a chain of custody for the evidence.

The feds can say, "Here's Agent Smith giving the prearranged signal that Antifa is following through on its threat against Andy Ngo."

Lawyers for Portland won't be able to argue that this person is not Andy Ngo.

The Department of Justice has the goods on Portland.




I know that the man in camouflage is filming, because another man has linked arms with him.

This allows the man filming to concentrate on his job without worrying that someone will come up and bash him in the head.

The other guy is guarding him.

You see this kind of physical contact in SWAT teams.

@ThomasWic Note the guy with arms linked with the filming agent is giving a response signal to the guy in the foreground



Red pants guy seems to have checked out the shake making and folks around it

@zetetic @drawandstrike

He sure did!

Antifia made the same mistake mistake al-Qaeda did:

When there's no vetting, ANYBODY can claim to be one of you and infiltrate your little party.

@ThomasWic @zetetic @drawandstrike
The Red Pants are a Good Visual Identifier. Notice the ones we've spotted all have something setting them apart from the run of the mill Antifa.
This is how they keep track of & watch out for one another.

@ThomasWic @drawandstrike

As humans it seems we crave to identify in groups, this is part of "Maslow's hierarchy".

And so even these dolts making the shakes have paper service hats.

They out themselves as herds. Good.

But it is also important for these observers to blend in just enough.

@ThomasWic @zetetic @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

Looove these informative detailed analyses. It was a 2015 thread just like this from a CA
riot - pointing out likely feds embedded in the crowd signaling, on rooftops, and red dots on Antifa - that I stumbled on the blue twit account of Thomas Wictor. Which over time, led to introductions to @REX, @Debradelai, drawandstrike, and duanecates, and others. What a fascinating exploration of what is happening it has been, and continues to be. Kudos.

@ThomasWic @zetetic @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

And, I was wondering last night about tall skinny unmasked poneytail guy behind and off Andy's left shoulder, who reached out almost concernedly and touched his back just as Andy started to run.

@ThomasWic @zetetic @drawandstrike

Astonishing!!! Thank you so much, Thomas!

Trying not to not sound obtuse —

Are we to understand that Andy Gnu was aware, ahead of time, that the Feds would be there in the crowd?

@rarity @zetetic @drawandstrike

I have no idea.

It's possible that after Antifa announced their plan to assault him, he was contacted and asked if he was going to go ahead and attend.

But it's also possible that all those undercover agents were there without Andy's knowledge.

It appears that the feds are building a case against cities that issue stand-down orders to cops.

Hopefully an example will be made of Portland.

@PeaceThroughStrength @ThomasWic

I was just thinking of White Sleeves. Two additional hits after the knockout blow, before the guy hits the ground. Love that guy.

@PeaceThroughStrength @ThomasWic

"Rufio Panman" aka "White Sleeves" from 7/2/18. He makes some very interesting comments regarding how Portland PD handles public safety vs. DHS.


@JonGrubb @PeaceThroughStrength @ThomasWic
Glad to see he was there! I so wanted to see him take the crowbar from the masked antifa that hit the guy in the head with it- then go Centipede.

@Trickster @PeaceThroughStrength

And people laughed at me when I said he wasn't who he appeared to be.

@ThomasWic @Trickster @PeaceThroughStrength

How to show you’re dumb: laugh at Thomas Wictor. At least that’s how I see it.

@ThomasWic @zetetic @drawandstrike

Thank you.

The cops being ordered to stand down is horrendous! Hopefully, this will be busted wide open.

@rarity @ThomasWic @zetetic @drawandstrike I thought it was interesting that Richard Grenell has asked Dept. of Justice to look into this! Could be they already were looking into it! Hope so. Portland has been turned into a shit hole.

@ThomasWic @rarity @zetetic @drawandstrike I saw the Portland precinct is operating with 130 positions unfilled. Maybe somoe LEOs here can quantify what a typical precinct staffing levels are so we can quatify this number.

Ron, typical staffing is based on the crime rates, types (felony/misdemeanor), physical assaults, property crimes, etc. over against a city’s per capita then sectioned off into precincts and rates in each area. That’s basically it. It’s not rocket science.

Then would that number for a metro precinct be rather high?

Right, always the money.

Customarily, yes. Metro has traffic enforcement (big chunk of change). Assaults, property crimes, all that stuff concentrated. Population by type is important. All depends. Metro Atlanta will look different than Metro Charlotte, than metro Houston, than Metro Seattle, etc.

@ThomasWic @rarity @zetetic @drawandstrike
I hope so. These people seem to have free reign without any fear of retribution.

@ThomasWic @rarity @zetetic @drawandstrike I hope so ... but why would they have undercover agents and allow that senior citizen to be beaten almost to death? Maybe they can make these thugs disappear and no one would miss them

@CAWPBT @rarity @zetetic @drawandstrike

What if the senior citizen is an agent?

In Charlottesville, a man flashed an obsolete DEA Special Agent badge as another man was being beaten.

The only thing that makes sense is that the man being beaten was a volunteer, and the retired DEA agent was signaling the young gunslingers that they did not have to intervene.

Sessions brought back tons of retirees. I'm sure lots would volunteer to be victims so that civilians wouldn't be attacked.

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