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For anyone out there in the fediverse that is looking for help with depression, thoughts of hurting yourself, or other mental health issues, here's one website with a list of resources:

Please take care random person!

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[Teach a man how to fish thread]

I use Google. Here's some search tips:

1. Use quotes around a phrase to force search results to include it, like "Trump accomplishments". Try it! You can even put other keywords outside the quoted phrase or do multiple quoted phrases.

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Don't forget Quods,

Leaving tw@#7)r means leaving:

1. Hysteria
2. Inkshitting
3. Grifters
4. Bigotry
5. Incitements to violence
6. Virtue-signaling
7. Echo chambers
8. Ban lists
9. Divisive rhetoric
10. Intractable idiocy

"Congress required the Pentagon to produce the list in 1999 but officials never followed through on the request."

Pentagon lists 20 companies aiding Chinese military (FT)

So clumsy: scrolling down the twatter feed for this account says /#chaz stands with against the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act...anarcho-communists I have learned would have a field day with this one, naming it a "tankie" (a.k.a. communists who send in tanks) for using force

Hilarious attempt by likely Chinese communist member to get free messaging through . The account follows only 7 accounts, among them are China Xinhua News, the State Council Information Office of China, and the president of public affairs for Huawei!

Okinawan rapper-turned-journalist travels to Seattle to support blm and then is beaten up.

On video: assault, cries for medics, gunshots apparently associated with the death of Lorenzo Anderson inside

Zoom is unacceptable.

It canceled accounts of Tiananmen Square student leader and dissidents.

It interrupted attempts to host a call on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre.

Per FT:

Now twatter fans of this say HEY NO VIOLENCE HERE! There are gardens and artworks and a hot dog stand too!

Every day this goes on, Seattle is YUGE BILLBOARD for Democrat incompetence.



Veiled threat if demands aren't met.

Same idiot compares that option to the American Revolution.

Reinstituting segregation in health care?


Free public housing?

Free college?

Bernie did you know, that your baby boys, would grow to become babies?

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Retrials? Cooked juries?

Passing state laws to SUPERSEDE federal law? So felons can vote?

Go on, I'm laughing now at the screaming intellects here.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.