"All of them--from Joy Reid to Rob Reiner to Molly Jong-Fast--speak as though they live in a world of leftists, and the people they utterly loathe aren't listening." twitter.com/COsweda/status/120

Sarge laying out his reckoning of the freakout over Ukraine, and some thoughts on Flynn case: youtube.com/watch?v=X6La6SUcrH

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Hey folks!!!

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Thank you @Debradelai for QV!!

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Will Chamberlain Tweeted
Quick thread on the status conference in
's case which
and I just attended

Normally status conferences are boring, the lawyers just discuss briefing schedules and logistics

This was not

We saw a mini-debate between
and Brandon Van Grack


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Plenty of folks have been speculating/worrying/thinking about what comes after Trump.

Above all else, what I hope he's done is to break the mold for the typical American politician.

You all know the (accurate) stereotype I'm talking about: Mealy-mouthed, milquetoast, vacillating invertebrates who speak with weasel-words in their pathetic attempts to not 'offend' a potential voter.

Those types need to vanish from our political landscape. Trump has shown them the way -- let's see if they follow

Here's a primary source of crazy in America today. D to R ratios of college professors.

"People who are bred, selected, and compensated to find complicated solutions do not have an incentive to implement simplified ones." --Nassim Taleb

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Will Chamberlain on the motion filed by Sidney Powell and the NYTimes article over this.



The NY Times needs to be sued out of existence for the bullshit article.

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Another pundit illustrates my point: In 2016, he agreed policy violations "should trouble anyone who believes in the rule of law and fundamental principles of fairness." Many employees dislike supervisors, but most keep faith with government institutions. wapo.st/29xGl8W

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