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Controversial Testimony of David Greenglass

The FBI arrested Greenglass for espionage in June of 1950. The direct evidence of the Rosenbergs’ involvement came from the confessions and testimonies of David and Ruth Greenglass.

NOTE: Since the Rosenbergs were being charged with conspiracy, no tangible evidence was required.

Greenglass secretly testified before a grand jury in August 1950.

Looks like a playbook to me.


After 2 minutes of this video it sets my back teeth on lock down. After being a student of Quod Verum Tech I know exactly where this is all going and it is redundant. No matter how many times I see and hear theses things I want to snap.

Those ruin-a-nation collectivists all have one thing in common and it is not for the people. Keep that in mind and thank you for the tip.

ICYMI: Missouri AG Schmitt.

Tells the FBI, who wanted the state to subvert its own laws regarding CCPs, to pound sand.😁

We know the election was stolen, they even admitted it in "Time" The kangaroo's have sat in "judgement" for the last year and now they are forcing their own hand to round up something/ anything to be used as "proof" This little fiasco will now show up in the 22 election big time! We will elect an obfuscating congress, that will shut down the flow and in 24, throw the bums out!

Mar A Largo raid? Over reach? do ya think? The pendulum has swung out, it is about time for it to swing back. All done for a manufactured reality that never was, true reality will not be kind to the unselect and their ilk in the coming months and years.

Did you catch the news yesterday? the EPA wants to take their share of the money and fly over the Permian basin to catch "Carbon Release's"

Benny Johnson
makes MAJOR announcement suspending Soros-backed, social justice-obsessed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren

Since Trump’s been gone from the White House-

We back to this.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.