@Dawnz I know dawnz,,,, he is a Dem and may be projecting.

@Dawnz. My friend who lives in SA has a police scanner. He says most of this is not true. I'm not saying you are wrong.. I am saying he is listening and some of this is exxagerated. However... he is also listening to local TV and reporting that. He's also not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Hi. Just asked a friend in SA if the Alamo is under attack. He lives in SA and says it's fake news. @Dawnz

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@wziminer @Dawnz

All proud Texans best get their ass on down to the Alamo NOW!

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The left want you arrested for bringing you child to the park, but not for bringing your child to a riot.A child was hit by pepper spray in Seattle. Hey dumbfucks, stop bringing your kids to riots.

@Dawnz sorry, people. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. Not the freaking ALAMO. No offense to Jesus, but he'd be pissed. I say this as a Jew who knows he's my cousin. And I am a big fan of "Outlander." Sorry, Dawnz.

@MaggieMoore @Lonestar I saw a few hours ago that CHillum said she was censored. My TL is a non-entity, so I still see them. I want to stay unimportant.

@NevadaJack Then again, 99.6 survive. Only our weakest are dying.

@NevadaJack If we are, they probably are. Our DNA is so close.

@NevadaJack The Dr in me is worried that they are too close to us to be safe from the virus.

@watch4thedrop Just poured a glass of wine. Not at hiccup levels, but I just might.

@Alex_Graham So effed up. Praying for the President and his family. WTF is this? Libya?

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Pray for all of all of emergency people and the law, protection for them all

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