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@SpiceOfOurLife @athena12 I have had one surgery in my life. One of my partners (colleague) did my anesthesia, and he says I woke up saying "Anesthesia's Great." 😂

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@SpiceOfOurLife Good luck tomorrow, Tux. Question: Anesthesiologists are still using the "count backward" thing? I used to have people describe for me the most beautiful place they had ever been or wanted to visit as they fell off to sleep. I had one guy wake up and say "why did you wake me up? I was about to hit a "hole in one!" They usually had very pleasant dreams, if they remembered dreaming.

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GOP candidate Lacy Johnson discusses congressional campaign to oust Rep. Omar youtu.be/kgs4tyYvMmw  via @YouTube @_StephanieMyers #OANN

Original Tweet: twitter.com/OANN/status/118638

1:57 PM - 21 Oct 2019

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Ex-NFL Jack Brewer: why Trump policies are secretly loved by most liberals (even if they won't admit it):


@athena12 I'm just glad to see that the Dems are FINALLY being portrayed as the bumbling idiots that they are. The jokes write themselves.

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The Conoco exploration camp was at a village called Mocha (pop. ~200).

One day I hiked about ten miles from camp.

Along the way I came to a football field-sized bowl depression. It was filled with what looked like pink snow. When I stepped into it my feet sunk in about a foot.

A few steps in and I froze. Mine were the only footprints.

I backtracked. A geologist went back with me. It was volcanic glass - churned like foam.

I was the first human being to ever step foot there.

I never watch Saturday Night Live anymore, but a friend of mine told me that a few weeks ago, SNL ruthlessly mocked all the Dem candidates in their "cold open." It's very funny.


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My feel good story for today...

I live in Delaware, very close to the Maryland state line.

So I’m neck deep in blue madness.

We do most of our work in OC, MD.
I was just at City Hall to get a staging permit for our next job.

My daily planner folder with a pic of Reagan was sitting on the counter.

The secretary touched it and said “I love that”

I responded by saying “1 of 2 of the greatest presidents ever”

She smiled and responded “Absolutely!”

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"No 2020 candidate raised more in California over the last three months than President Trump. He pulled in nearly $10.8 million from donors of $200 or more disclosed in campaign filings this week."


@masterblaster @DiLaLonde So, paper pusher. What other people don't realize is that she was in the National Guard, and because they were thrilled to have a State Senator in their midst, they gave her special treatment, including the Officer's training after she got back from Iraq. Apparently, they gave our Medical Combat Badges like candy, unlike the other branches of the armed forces.

@masterblaster @DiLaLonde People all over twitter are questioning her military service. She's allowing people to think she's a COMBAT vet, and she was never in combat. She was a medical clerk in a hospital that heard mortar fire from a mile away. She was not even a nurse or a medic. I am pissed at her for the lie. My veteran friends say she was "in the theatre", but never in combat.

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