Hi, all. I know I'm in short supply these days... currently making Latkes. Wishing all of you who don't celebrate Chanukah the happiest of Christmases. Here in El Paso, we are prepping for the inevitable invasion. Happy all holidays. I do drop in almost every day... to check on how all of you are. Hugs.

@wziminer We had Latkes for dinner tonight.. with applesauce and brussel sprouts. Wonderful. The season is all about the Light. Best to you and hugs back.

@wziminer All the best to you and yours and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year! 🙂


Best to you and yours!!

Praying invasion moves way past El Paso. Just passing through.

Blessings for 2023!!


I'd rather that Texas National Guard prevents it from crossing the border



Agreed. They've already been crossing though. Tx Natl Guard there for the invasion when 42 is dropped.



So glad you’re doing well, and praying for safety for you and your family in the invasion.

Happy Chanukah!!!

@wziminer Happy Chanukah, Wzi! (And may you resist the foreign invaders just as the Macabees did in the days of old.)

Thank you!
Wishing you a very happy Hanukkah!💙

It would look to me that you have already been invaded.
happy Chanukah

@wziminer yummm I love Latkes! Happy Chanukah. ❤️ ☺️


Happy Chanukah to you too, my dear, and to your relatives and beloved ones!

I'll be going with my kids to my parents for the later parts of the holiday. We'll surely have some latkes there 😋

But not too much, as I prefer to resemble a candle, more than a doughnut 😜

And may the inevitable invasion end up being not as terrible as it looks right now, somehow...

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Now I'm trying to find that one clip from the RUGRATS Chanukah Special again, the one where Tommy's grandfather Boris makes that comment about the donuts... something like, "The real miracle is that these things have been clogging our arteries for over two thousand years, and still we survive!" 😉

@Zemeliko @wziminer @Give_Me_Liberty @ChaplainEric @TerriC @Teneseo @EarlThePearls @Jaime @Donjanusgjrdrm @Dawnz

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