A Jewish man was just lynched in Jaffa by the suffering Pals. He's in critical condition. In other news, Pal teens just destroyed a synogogue in Lod by torching it. I have lost any sympathy I might have had for the Pals after seeing this.

@wziminer I lost any sympathy I had for the Pals years ago...if Mexico indiscriminately lobbed missiles at Texas they would be leveled a long time ago.

@wziminer Watching some Pal ladies cheering on the news the day I almost got blown up in the WTC was enough to cure my sympathy.

@Joycevor Damn, Joyce. You were there? So glad you made it out. My sister and her husband lived and worked right near the trade center, and my other brother in law worked near there as well, and all three watched it happen. It took hours for us to find out that all of them were ok.

@wziminer I got home in 3 hours. I was on the street when Airplane 2 hit Tower 2. I got the last ferry out of the Seaport, by great good fortune a nurse from St. Vincent's gave us a ride on the NJ side and we borrowed a car and got home. I was furiously pissed and intensely hungry. I made my husband take me to the new Italian deli. They were listening to the radio. I said out loud "those assholes tried to kill me". The response: "Honey, honey have some tiramisu"!

@Joycevor @wziminer

My friend worked in Foley Square and saw the second one too. He walked from TriBeca to Sutton Place.

@Joycevor Glad you can laugh about it now. My b-i-l also lives in NJ and he had a very difficult time getting home, but at least he wasn't in the towers when they went down.

@wziminer @Joycevor
May I share the surreal experience we had, from far off?
My husband was overseas, our 14 year old daughter had come to snuggle in with Mum. My phone went, 11.30pm, son from Aust,"turn on TV now!" Me, groggy with sleep, "what are you calling for at this hour!" "Turn on the tv"!
We watch in horror! Up and down the country, in the wee small hours phones were ringing, people were speechless in shock , all aghast at our American friends coming under attack! We were with you.😪

@Boudicca thank you, B. It was a horrible day, but I have never seen Americans more proud of being American in the aftermath of that tragedy. We were very united as a country back then, and our innocence was lost. 20 years later and look at how divided we are. How soon we forget. @Joycevor

@Boudicca @wziminer There was a lot of kindness then. I believe it’s still there, but folks have been warped by the bad guys. It will come back if we take positive action. Like smiling at the lady in the grocery store who’s terrified under her mask.

@Joycevor @wziminer
You know I have never felt so alone. I was here by myself, with only my teen daughter, in the middle of the night. The first reaction from my adult son, living overseas was call home. We were awake much of that night.
In spite of any differences with any of our allies, we know just how important U.S. democracy and leadership is. Some people may hanker after the cradle to grave control of socialism but they are making a massive blunder. A strong free U.S. is essential imo.❤

@Boudicca I agree 100%. We are in the fight of our lives right now; It's America or the Demonrats who are trying to destroy us as fast as they can. @Joycevor

@wziminer @Joycevor
It's extraordinary when you think about it. I often think, why, why do they want to cause so much harm? Why do they hate the other? I really believe there is a fair bit of manipulation going on. There are agendas. Are our only tools truth, love and courage? Strange times.

@Boudicca @Truth, love and courage were always the tools, but we’ve been discouraged from expressing them until a no bullshite NY’er with big ones showed the way.

@Dodgerprincess @Boudicca @Truth The tiramisu helped, but even better was the basil, mozz and tomato sandwich I wolfed down.

@Dodgerprincess @Joycevor @Truth

Sad. The loss of your friend's potentially bright future must have saddened you. So much tragedy arising from an act of irrational hate.

@Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor My husband got home at 4pm that day covered in white ash. He had to run and hide in the lobby of a building to avoid the first tower falling. He worked down by the ferry and walked all the way to Brooklyn for the LIRR. They weren't running trains and the platforms were packed. He went up to the conductor on his train and said GET THIS TRAIN Moving...and he did, ignoring all the restrictions. The rest of the city remained locked down. Never so happy to see my man.

@oystergirl @wziminer @Joycevor
I can well believe your heart brimmed over with relief and joy seeing your husband come in the door! These personal stories, very
much add to a fuller picture of the events of that tragic day.

@Boudicca Yes it did. In retrospect, it must have looked odd to see a woman and two small children embracing a man covered in white ash, but he never looked so good to me. @wziminer @Joycevor

@oystergirl It didn't look odd at all, not on THAT day. Scenes like that were what we were all praying for. @Boudicca @Joycevor

@wziminer I had an eye appointment that day and the dr. said come in. In the parking lot there was a woman I didn't know. We walked up to each other and hugged for a very long time. As I said, the world needed hugs that day and this day as well. @Boudicca @Joycevor

@oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor my brother was killed -FDNY. He escaped tower 1- ran into 2. He was 1 of the last bodies found March post 9/11. Fully intact b/c a civilian wrapped around him in a fireman’s carry. Never thought we’d get his body. Believed we’d mourn his ashes @ that site. Giuliani sat @ table w/my parents w/tears in eyes in Oct said he wished he could take it all away- wished he could kill the pain. It’s a long long time ago still cry when I talk about my brother.

@MPatriot Oh my goodness sweetheart. Tears. My daughter's best friend at that time's dad was a fire fighter who also died and was late being recovered. We had a dear family friend who worked at the top and they never found his body. Those funerals were so hard. I know you know. Sending you a big hug. Sending us all a big hug. The world really needs it. @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor

@MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor omg so sorry. I will never forget seeing smoke for a week across the river from New jersey. I have never gone south of the Village since then and won't. Again I'm very sorry. He was a hero.

@MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer My condolences to you and your family. Paul Keating was the fireman I knew. He was off duty that day but went in when he heard the news. He almost made it out.

@MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor

So very sorry for your loss 😔
My heart still aches for all of the families who suffered so much & I also still remember the people celebrating that it happened - I get angry if I think about it too long.

@Mongo3804 @MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor

Me too. Just gasped for breath as I was unconsiously holding it while reading thread and tears welling up. Love, all.

@MPatriot @oystergirl @wziminer @Joycevor

😥 Your dearest brother displayed extraordinary courage. So many beautiful lives lost that day; so many people like yourself left to mourn. It may be some small comfort to know that there are people, all over the world, who still think of that day and remember.

@MPatriot Your brother was a hero and a patriot. God Bless you, your brother, and your family for enduring all of that pain and suffering.

@oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor

@MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor
Jolted back into perspective. Thank you for sharing and God bless you & your family.

@SpikeFL @MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor @Voxsusana

Thank you everyone for taking the time in acknowledging this time in history and how it effected all of us. I remember that day so clearly like it was yesterday. I felt helpless from far away. @MPatriot your brother will forever be remembered by you and your family. I lost my brother 1962. Your love makes a difference.❤️

@MPatriot @oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor Wow, what a decent guy Rudy is. Really. So sorry about your brother. He sounded amazing. A real hero.

@oystergirl @Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor I got a VM from my girlfriend from a payphone (cell tower was out) in Port Authority saying a plane hit TWC. She proceeded to take the subway to 770 Broadway to work 😳 I was in the shower so missed her call. I didn't hear from her all day. At 6pm they announced GWB outbound was just opening. She called me a minute later. I said take a cab home. If she didn't do that she would have taken ferry to Hoboken and been stuck. NJ was locked. down.

@oystergirl So you're saying that your husband has big brass ones. Glad to see you found someone worthy of you. Glad he wasn't hurt. @Boudicca @Joycevor

@Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor

My business partner was horrified when his cousin, a co founder of Akamai was on one of the planes that disintegrated everyone on one of the twin towers.

His cousin had both his wife and newborn aboard.

All gone.

My partner later lost his mind the following January.

Today he is now under state observation due to schizophrenia. Family believe the stress was the trigger.

@huntley @Boudicca @wziminer That is truly terrible. A childhood friend, BIL's cousin, was a fireman in downtown. He was off duty but suited up, went in and didn't make it. He was found and the family had the biggest funeral I've ever attended. His mother got dementia early and I don't doubt the stress factor there.

@Joycevor @Boudicca @wziminer

I went to the Bakersfield Business Conference in October 2001.

I met a policeman whom ran 2 top of the 2nd tower.

Grabbed a wheelchair bound woman, threw her over his shoulder, & ran as fast as he could down the stairs.

He heard the building come down, pulsating at each floor.

He got stuck in a small 2 story section of the building. Everyone above & below were killed. Just him; a few others.

Bought him a beer. “What’s it like 2 b a hero?”

Just a big smile.

@huntley @Boudicca @wziminer We knew a lot of NYC firemen and harbor pilots. They were friends of the fireman I knew. I remember one funeral (years before 9/11) at the Jersey Shore that was filled with this crew. We were supposed to be sad, but it didn't work. They were all riotously funny. Big smiles galore!

@huntley @wziminer @Joycevor
I am so very sad to read of your experience. Stress and shock can trigger such outcomes. What a tragedy for him, his family and friends.

@Boudicca @wziminer @Joycevor
I was in South Beach & couldn't get home for 4 days. Ended up taking a train but it was stuck behind 4 days of backed up rail traffic.
My girlfriend's (at the time) brother in law worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. His kid was sick the night before so he got no sleep and took a latervthan usual train in to work. He got out of the cab when the first plane hit.
He's still not the same person today that he was before.

@RikkiTikkiTavi @Boudicca @wziminer Some of the Cantor guys we knew were able to call their families before the Tower collapsed. Saddest among many terrible stories. Young guys that were my brother's friends.

@wziminer This is horrendous. It's always been horrendous. Sending blessings for the end of this horror.

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