Haha, one of my best friends is a beef rancher of grass-fed beef.. demand for their meat, even though it’s a lot more expensive than grocery store beef, has GONE THROUGH THE ROOF since the pandemic!!! It’s the toilet paper of food!! And once you taste the difference, there’s no going back!!! 🥩 🍔

Good luck with that, Bill Gates!!

@charlotte1958 @DropsofJupiter

Is this going to be like when Coca Cola put out that Fairlife Milk and nobody to this day cares?

@atreus @DropsofJupiter

Hmmmm... I don’t know.. I actually never heard of Fairlife Milk but just looked it up and it’s low-lactose milk, which some people need due to lactose intolerance..

Maybe worse than that?!

Who’s eating Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers?? That’s probably his market..

But not me!! 😄🥩🍔

@charlotte1958 Good friend of mine is a nutritionist. Compare the nutrition (hardly any) of the beyond burger with real beef and you realize the ludicrousness (is that a word?) of eating the fake burger. Why bother? It's def. NOT healthier. @atreus @DropsofJupiter


Typically these foods contain more fat, sugar and salt then the real deal.

@charlotte1958 @atreus @DropsofJupiter


@JM Yup. I can understand being vegetarian as a moral choice, but if I want a burger, I'm having a burger. Being vegetarian can also harm people. @charlotte1958 @atreus @DropsofJupiter

@wziminer @JM @atreus @DropsofJupiter

I think vegans and vegetarians have to work harder to ingest enough essential amino acids!! I think it can be done, but is more challenging without meat.. and I think it also depends on whether the vegetarian eats eggs, fish, milk.. I think some do..

@charlotte1958 @wziminer @JM @atreus Completely agree. I know a vegetarian who suffered from fibromyalgia w/severe pain & weakness in her hands. She started to eat high quality red meat and her symptoms disappeared within 6 months!

@DropsofJupiter @wziminer @JM @atreus

That’s what I’m talking about!!! There’s a reason why we’ve evolved to be omnivores!!


I had a neighbor that also was one. When her children were visiting our home, they were always trying to get my son to sneak them forbidden foods. My friends would comment on how sickly they looked. A few times they did manage to get non-allowed foods and she (mother) would throw a freaking hissy fit!

@DropsofJupiter @wziminer @atreus


I enjoy a variety of burgers: beef, turkey, and black bean (with a slice of pepper jack and Tostitos Avocado Salsa).

@JM @charlotte1958 @atreus @DropsofJupiter

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