I was just on the twatter because Candace Owens is trending for her congressional testimony today. Libs are freaking out over there, comparing her to a Nazi for saying the White Supremacy is the least of the problems in the Black community. Tom Arnold made some ridiculous comment about how white supremacists are now confused because apparently, they ARE allowed to wear blackface, implying that Candace is a WS wearing blackface. They are all idiots. They completely ignored her message.

@wziminer After an entire lifetime of being a minority, I too became a Nazi/white supremacist in 2017

@watch4thedrop Me too, buddy. Me too. A woman and a Jew. Yup. Nazi.

@wziminer I guess the whole "one drop rule" thing was just a suggestion

@wziminer obviously you have known exactly what that was beginning in 2017 when donald trump became president but to refresh your memory, the one drop rule is the neonazi belief that if you even have one ancestor hundreds of years ago that is not white, you are not of pure aryan blood and therefore not a part of their group

@watch4thedrop Ok, I have heard of that. Thanks for refreshing my memory. I was thinking that you were referencing my most recent toot about cocaine, so I thought it was a pharmacy comment! Silly me. 😂

@wziminer haha i actually did not see that one! i'm sure it was brilliant and informative though like what you usually put out 😁

@watch4thedrop It was about dilated pupils and how I cancelled an elective surgery one morning because a patient walked in with really dilated pupils. My first question to her was "when did you snort the coke?" She said "10 minutes ago."

@wziminer @watch4thedrop I was getting prepped for surgery in the VA and the patient next to me did the same thing and the doctor was pissed. I don't think it was within ten minutes though.

@watch4thedrop I scared her a bit about what would happen to her under anesthesia so she folded.

@wziminer @watch4thedrop

I got diatribed and called a racist old man by a one drop negro the other day when I asked him to put his pit bull on a leash. Just trying to keep my chihuahua from being eaten.

@EarlThePearls @watch4thedrop I carry a stun gun for that very reason. The noise scares the leashless dog.

@wziminer @watch4thedrop

This one one was a puppy and not a full fighting pit type. But still! where I live has a leash law. And it is just common sense to boot. A lot of the folk are here from places where most all dogs will eat you and yours and spit out the bones. Had one lady freak out over a Pekinese! She almost fell over backwards down a flight of stairs trying to run away.

So I respect folks fear of dogs and try to be accommodating. Not this guy though. Nope. he be asshole

@EarlThePearls @watch4thedrop We do too. It amazes me that people still let dogs off the leash in populated areas.

@wziminer @watch4thedrop

Not long after that incident in another nearby neighborhood someone's pitbull mauled a three year old that was out in the backyard with it.

@wziminer @watch4thedrop

Shall we measure you for your cute Hugo Boss while Drop gets his? Mine is hanging next to my Klan robes?.

@masterblaster @watch4thedrop Wait. Is Hugo Boss a Nazi? When I first met my hubby and we were going to our first family function, I bought him a black Hugo Boss suit because I said it would last forever, always look good, and, in a pinch, could substitute as a tuxedo in a black tie event. He still wears it. That was 19 years ago.

@wziminer @watch4thedrop

Hugo Boss designed all the Nazi Uniforms .Tres chic they were. 🤢

@masterblaster @wziminer This is news to me too hahaha. I wear some hugo boss as well


Candace was awesome, as always. When the left is losing, name calling is their only defense. They lost this fight, bigly!

@watch4thedrop @wziminer

@JM @masterblaster @wziminer Funny thing is before Trump won, The term white supremacist/nazi still had some meaning to me. Still associated it negatively whenever I heard it. It wasn't till I was debating with a white liberal trump hating ex friend who was clearly losing and then decided to call me a white supremacist. That's when the word completely became a joke never to be taken seriously again to me

@watch4thedrop Absolutely. Dems have taken away the meaning of so many words that used to matter. It's seriously "the Boy Who Cried Wolf" in real time. @JM @masterblaster


The movie "Mother Night"

is based on a novel by Kurt Vonnegut of the same name.

The movie is better than the book because of a secret.

It's about a Nazi sympathizer after the war in NY.

A neo-Nazi leader finds him and visits.

His second in command is a very large Negro who wears an SS uniform.

The Neo-Nazi constantly complains about "Jews and N-words" but turns to the Black Fuhrer and says "no offense" .

"None taken."


@wziminer @paul_schmehl @Lonestar @Cdubois @JM

I find it amazing that so many dumb schitts were elected to Congress. Then again, it took a lot more dumb schitts to vote for them.

May God help us all.

@wziminer @paul_schmehl @Lonestar @Cdubois @JM

We're grateful that you saw the light of truth. May more people do the same before 2020.

@HunDriverWidow Thanks, Hun. How do you think I feel? It really hit me in the face to realize how brainwashed I once was. I am very grateful to be on this side of it. @ThomasWic red-pilled me in 2015. Can you imagine how devastated I would be to be red-pilled now, after three years of TDS? PAINFUL.

@paul_schmehl @Lonestar @Cdubois @JM

@HunDriverWidow I should add that it wasn't just Thomas. I had a few good friends in El Paso, Mexican Americans from legal immigrant families, that helped as well.
@ThomasWic @paul_schmehl @Lonestar @Cdubois @JM


You are correct, three years of TDS they will fall into an emotional haze when reality hits them. We just need to be patient if it is someone we know.

@HunDriverWidow @ThomasWic @paul_schmehl @Lonestar @Cdubois


I love Candace. Will say it again. I love her. Her insanely high ability to think quickly on her feet and state rational truth is very very rare.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @wziminer @JM have you guys heard of killer mike the rapper? He was at that summit where that small clip of TI supposedly owning candace happened. He answered the question for candace since TI kept cutting her off. Dude sounds like a conservative to me

@JM @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @wziminer Yup. The whole conversation was a good exchange but i'm not surprised the media cut up the 10 seconds TI shouted down candace to sell a narrative. KM Also a great 2A advocate

@JM @watch4thedrop @wziminer

Yep, saw that a couple of days ago. Interesting... Was intrigued by killer mike. I did not *know* the people on the stage other than Candace, but Mike stood out.

@watch4thedrop @JM @wziminer

Used to be. Still is for the whiners and SJWs who want to put people in separative buckets.

But not for Trump, not for MAGA, or KAG, not for those smart enough to think for themselves and love being American - with all the constitutional rights, joy, law-and-order, and diversity that blankets. ❤️ 😘

@wziminer Of course they ignored her message..they didnt want her message,it was counter to what they want to hear..they only will listen to someone if they echo their own twisted truth..and their rudeness is disgusting. I feel bad she had to endure that

@Dawnz She expects it, I think, and has her answers at the ready. As someone else here (it may have been you!) pointed out today, she thinks on her feet. No one gets the better of her in an argument. That blond professor was so patronizing I wanted to smack her.

@Dawnz Holy crap. I was just looking for the TI and Candace Owens kerfluffle from last week, and there was a biography of her on the right of my screen. I have mentioned before that she reminds me of my little sister, who is also an amazingly articulate during an argument. My sis is a pitbull and will usually win through stubborness and thinking faster than most. Turns out, they have the same birthday. Both stubborn Bulls - April 29- Taurus.

@wziminer lol..She actually reminds me in some ways of you..shes prepared and can hold her own in an argument, yet shes polite,but no pushover rofl.

@wziminer It was hard to watch. I will say this, she did give as good as she got..She was prepared,I think thats a big part,then the fact her intelligence far exceeds theirs,add to the fact she IS a black woman,and has a much clearer understanding..I just admire her so much.


The White Supremacy in that room WAS the blonde professor!!!

Candace IS QUICK. I wish I could manage a retort that quick.

I'm like George Costanza and can't think of a great come back until days later and half a continent away!



Tex you sound like my hubby. I tend to be quick on my feet, he wishes he was.

@trueblueTEX @wziminer


I thought I was the only one that wanted to punch the professor in the kisser. 🥊 Arrogant, condescending while she was trying to convey the look of a librarian. Her behavior set me off, so I took the mission to find out about her.


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