If this is true Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. What say you Texans....do you see this happening in the Lone Star State?



Getting REDDER. Even more profound when compared with 2008. Most Southern states steadily getting REDDER with some various local exceptions.


Is it redder in the population strongholds? Here in Washington we are very conservative except for Olympia-Tacoma-Seattle-Everett-Bellevue-Bellingham & to a lesser degree Spokane in Eastern WA. Those areas decide how the state goes because we can't out vote them even tho we have a much larger geographical area. Hope Texas is different.


Check out the 2012 to 2016 map. Even the DALLAS area and surrounding is turning Red.

The South was ENTIRELY BLOCK Democrat not too very long ago. In Texas, Ann Richards, mother of Planned Parenthood Cecil Richards, was the last of the Democrat Governors from 91-95.

Then came Dubya, Perry, and now Abbott. Pink Shoes, "Never met a baby she did not want to kill", Wendy Davis was supposed to Turn Texas Blue in 2012 when Abbott beat here with 75%.


Good, I pray Texas stays vigilant. We can't afford to lose you. Washington has always been lost, but not Texas. Thank you Texans!

@MistyNan @IndiaMaria Hey, Nan, if a lifelong liberal like me can be taught by Texas, others can be too.


@trueblueTEX FWIW, I have met several people who have moved here from blue states, like California and Oregon (Portland) and they have no interest in voting blue in Texas. And believe me, I ask. I am very clear where my loyalties now lie. @MistyNan @IndiaMaria


Glad to hear that because I've heard that CA's moved to Colorado and turned it blue.

@MistyNan @IndiaMaria

@trueblueTEX @wziminer @IndiaMaria

They did the same to Washington. We came from California too but for some reason, though we were very young ( in our early 20's), we saw the light. Could be because I started working for a very vocal conservative who gave his employees history lessons at staff meetings and my husband was hired as a Deputy Sheriff in our county.

@mimimayes @trueblueTEX @wziminer @IndiaMaria

Sad....It used to be such a wonderful state, much like Washington. We were purple when we moved here but now we are deep, deep blue. Jay Inslee as Governor? Lord help us he is running for a third term since he washed out in the Presidential race with 0.0% approval.

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