I haven't seen this on SQV today. A reporter for Bloomberg has falsely smeared Lief Olsen, a recent Trump appointee to the Dept of Labor as an anti-Semite, forcing his resignation. Twitter, including Jewish twitter, is ripping Benjamin Penn a new one. @drawandstrike has been covering this all day.



@Angela @drawandstrike It's worse than that. He deliberately lied and hid exculpatory parts of a story to embarrass Trump and Olsen and thereby ruin a man's life because he doesn't like his politics. Olsen was TARGETING anti-semites with sarcarm. Even the ADL has retracted their statement.

@wziminer @drawandstrike

I’m furious. His “oh he could have shown the DOL the entire dialogue” comment. 😡

@wziminer @Angela

He deliberately lied. How long can any of his other reports be considered honest/ truthful?
How long can Bloomberg have a known liar on the payroll before people begin to doubt the veracity of other Bloomberg "reports"?


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