@REX I would say who could be worse but them I remember we’re talking about democrats. There can always be worse.

@ThomasWic I stick by Trump’s speech on the ellipse in January that he was letting us know something different was happening.

@drawandstrike @NSP @DuaneCates Well that says a lot about ERCOT when the head discusses “not one but both engines” on a 747. There are four engines on a 747. He probably knows just as much about the Texas power grid.

@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude It’s fine to fight for our preferred candidate in the primaries. Difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats don’t turn their guns on their own primary winner if it’s someone characterized as fringe. (MSM wouldn’t do that to a democrat anyway). Republicans would rather hand the seat to a democrat than have to deal with reporters badgering them about a candidate’s views.

@drawandstrike @Debradelai Pretty sure the witness list has to be voted on by the senate. Depends on what structure they approve for witness but you can be it would be as limited in democrats favor as possible.

@KathrynK I believe any witness lists have to be approved with a vote by the senate.

@ThomasWic @PathIntegral Do you still think it’s possible he returns to the Whitehouse to complete his second term?

@basedmagadad maybe and I was a Cruz supporter before Trump got the nomination and won. But no question that Cruz and Graham think they have a chance with Trump mortally wounded or even disqualified especially if they can still vote to acquit.

@ilumanous @Debradelai Maybe Trump will buy Twitter and Make Twitter Great Again 😂

@DiLaLonde There are a few more. Just 6 of them stepped into the light.

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7. The impeachment will be a travesty, of course.

BUT guess what?

Trump, the supreme strategist and showman, also has a say. And he will know everything I wrote in this thread is true.

He would have known months ago.

Of course, the criminals will crow about what a huge success the impeachment trial was.

@ThomasWic In hindsight, it feels like Gen Mcinerney pushing the martial law and NG seizing machines along with what seemed like Gen Flynn’s concurrence was disinformation to make it appear Trump had to take extreme measures to retain power. Which would be what Trump would want them to think if he had them dead to rights already.

@SUPERNOVA Great info! It’s so hard to find individual cases on the docket. At least for a non lawyer.

@MCMINA I cancelled Fox News months ago. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@REX @drawandstrike Amazingly the SCOTUS has most of the election cases slated for conference on 2/19 including Trump’s Wisconsin and PA cases. This essentially confirms exactly what those suits alleged with respect to unconstitutional changes to 2020 election laws.

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