The right & squishy center have a tendency of letting the media move them by using mockery. They mocked Fox News for yrs in order to get no one to take it seriously. They mocked Trump so voters would be embarrassed to admit they were voting for him. They mock our candidates, ideas, & beliefs. Let them. Don't fall for it. Don't let your family & friends fall for it. Tell them how & why the media manipulates them. If you believe in a candidate or issue, stand firm no matter what the MSM says.


Despite what those in positions of authority think, we are the party. We just need to take back our power to decide where the party goes from here. Pols like Liz Cheney won't decide. We will. I think we sometimes forget just how much power we have. We have to choose strong America First candidates who are carefully vetted. And when the media tears them apart, as they will, we have to stand by those candidates. Promote them & campaign for them. The Tea Party failed at that in some cases.

People who think we should abandon the GOP & start a third party aren't thinking this through. Which do you think is easier--building a house from the ground up or renovating an existing home? The GOP already has the structure in place-offices, data, officials, fundraising, etc. We just need to tear down a few walls & replace the carpeting with our own candidates. Building from scratch could take yrs of permitting, bureaucracy, gathering data, etc. We don't have years to waste.

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Terror from the Left...

Trump Lawyer Van Der Veen: ‘My Home Was Attacked,’ ‘My Entire Family, My Business, My Law Firm Are Under Siege Right Now’

Just goes to prove one more time that violence and chaos is what Socialist Liberals revert to when they don't get their way. They disgust me!

Imagine you're a Republican elected official. You've seen the Dems/media spend 5 yrs trying everything to destroy Trump--impeachments, investigations, edited videos, blatant lies & manipulation--and yet, his support from voters grew by millions. No other Repub can draw the crowds & enthusiasm Trump can or bring in as many new voters. So what's the upside to publicly turning on him now? Repubs turning against him aren't hurting him, only themselves. Makes you wonder what's in it for them. Hmmm.

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@writer59 If they were being waved in, and were politely walking through the velvet ropes and not touching any statuary nor being aggressive, that would seem to fit the definition of peacefully and patriotically raising their voices. Perhaps they just wanted to go inside and be heard. How were they to know it was forbidden if cops were indicating it was ok? (Excluding the antifa plants, of course.)

So many things bothered me about the hearings, but two things stuck out--very few questions from GOP that worked in Trump's favor & too many from the Romney camp that were indistinguishable from Dem questions.

The other thing that sent my blood pressure higher was during the breaks. RSB showed the hallway & I could hear everyone laughing & joking around as though our country isn't falling apart, an election wasn't just stolen & this is all just a game to those in power. Vile. I had to mute it.

I used to be optomistic. Ten years ago, I probably would have been one of the people saying, "Oh, they're letting us go inside. Lovely. I've never been inside the Capitol." Now I'm wiser & would know better, but I'm also saddened that I've had to become cynical & suspicious of everything. Realizing how often the media lies to us to spin their narrative was what woke me up. Many who were at the Capitol that day haven't become cynical & suspicious enough yet. I won't condemn them for that.


Not all Trump supporters do research & trust that something will happen to change all this. Some were just there to show their support for Trump & their love of America. So when they were waved into the Capitol by the police, it probably seemed like a way to have their voice peacefully heard by the GOP offering objections to the electors. It was a bad idea, but I don't blame them for not recognizing the trap. Not everyone lives their life constantly looking for traps. Some just want to be heard.

All summer long & even before that, Dems have been destroying cities, storming buildings & offices, lighting fires, harassing GOP officials, assaulting law enforcement & nothing has been done to stop it or even discourage it. Dem leaders have raised bail for them & egged them on. Then the Dems stole the election & many began to feel helpless, as though they were losing the country they love & couldn't do anything to stop it. The frustration for many of us is overwhelming.


This is an unpopular opinion, but I feel sorry for some people charged at the Capitol riot. Not all of them, of course. There were Dem plants there instigating violence & there were Trump supporters who committed crimes & must face charges. But some seemed confused about what they were allowed & not allowed to do. The Capitol Police were opening doors & barricades & waving them in. We've all seen Dem protestors allowed in the Capitol before so how were they to know it wasn't allowed?

In America today, you can loot, riot, destroy blocks of businesses, commit arson, trap cops inside a building so you can light it on fire & burn them to death, blind or throw incendiary devices & bricks at them--and if you are even arrested, you will be released without bail or charges.

BUT--if you dare to walk your dog or shop at Costco without a mask, go to church or work out at a local gym, you'll be charged & fined large fees.

Apparently it's "safer" to burn to death than to catch a virus

I realize a lot of people don't watch the news or follow politics. So many view elections like a reality tv show & vote for who they think is the popular choice without doing any independent research. But even they have to have that feeling that something is coming. How could you not?

I think whatever happens will be like tossing heavy rocks into a pond.

The ripples will spread far & wide & reach even distant shores.

Those ripples will connect to other ones to form new ones.

And on & on.

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"Let me make this as simple as humanly possible: That Donald Trump would want to stop Electoral College objections makes *ZERO* sense."

CNN admitting this now.

~Kyle Becker

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Watching the Biden administration is like watching a bad high school production where the actors can't remember their lines & stink at ad libbing, all the sets look fake and the only people who are applauding are family members who would never admit they're witnessing a flop.

The media wrote story after story about the Trump administration being disorganized in the initial weeks. Yet they're praising the Biden administration even as we all watch & see with our own eyes how staged & fake it is.

An agent at a literary agency just got fired because her boss discovered she had posted on Parler & Gab. Not that she posted anything controversial, although I don't think even that would warrant firing. She was fired simply for having accounts there. The owner of the agency apologized profusely, not for firing the employee, but for "anyone who was offended" by them having an employee with accounts on social media that isn't state sanctioned.

1000's of authors just rolled in their graves.

What if @ThomasWic & all of us who believe Trump has set things in motion that will end this Biden nightmare are all wrong? Is having hope keeping you from doing anything? What exactly would you be doing differently if you ignored Thomas & those of us who believe? Peacefully protesting? Go ahead. Writing your congress member? Do it. Organizing a campaign for election integrity? Sounds great.

There's nothing we can do right now that can't be done while still having hope Trump will come through

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@JudiciaryGOP: "This is the most coverage Hunter Biden has ever received by the mainstream media.

What a joke.

>@mviser: 'En route back from church, Biden diverted motorcade so Hunter Biden could make a food run at Call Your Mother, arguably the best bagel shop in DC. Hunter stood at the window several minutes for the takeout order as his dad and daughters waited in the car, per pooler @TomDeFrank '"

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See, this is EXACTLY why all of this HAD to happen.

All these idiots had to do was read Biden's campaign Website to know that he was going to do this.

But they didn't, so now they're sad.


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