Epstein killed himself.

Prison inmates have killed themselves by running at the cement wall and fracturing their skull.

They've swallowed articles of clothing and strangled. They've drowned themselves in the toilet.

The thing to remember is that Epstein no longer mattered in the investigation.

There was nothing he could tell the authorities that would reduce his sentence.

He had no motivation to talk.


El Chapo, Khalil Sheik Mohammed, Zacarias Mossaui, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, Ted Kaczinsky, Robert Hanssen, Jimmy Marcello, Terry Nichols, Abu al-Masri, Umar Abdulmutallab, Richard Reid, José Padilla...

Epstein doesn't make the first 30 or 40 high profile prisoners in my list.

Fanny how nobody remembers them when the doors lock on their arse.

The MSM seems to have an disproportionate number of people as does Twatter that the late Professor Carlos Maria Cippolla described in his essay The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity. Thankfully and due to the efforts of Saul M. Montes-Bradley II
@Debradelai and Thomas Wictor
@ThomasWic that there is a reasonable scarcity of them here on QV

REX @REX The Game changed was when enough good people allowed the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20500 be given to the current occupant and his family. Hopefully he will be given a 4 year extension, indeed he will be.

Epstein exercised the only option he had left as he was going to spend the rest of his miserable life locked up and to die in prison. The timetable for his expiration was adjusted by him. Everything to be known about him, his finances, his marks and co-conspirators was already gathered to be used against him and the rest of the evil bastards that preyed on the young girls. All the conspiracies now being proffered is just a waste of bandwidth.


Not a single person will be thinking about Epstein on election day, much less a month from now.

People know that inmates commit suicide.

There are no game changers when it comes to Trump.

No matter what he does, we hear, "NOT GOOD ENOUGH."

So he's right to ignore the peanut gallery and trust only himself.

That's how he always wins.

Oh what is to be in the shoes of the ex girlfriend. Will she be ready to tell all or keep her mouth shut and end up sleeping with the fishes? Miss Maxwell has some serious thinking to do.

Epstein has left this world, the world is better for it. What did not leave was all the documents, the computer files, the videos and the links to everyone he dealt with. Every touch leaves a trace.

Hi Saul @Debradelai , I converted umteen Aussie pesos into 100USD and they are winging your way to keep the improvements for this wonderful platform going.

Are the Democrats, the pedo Hollyweirdos, the MSM, fake socmed platform keepers, the nevertrumpers and the GOPe care about the 4 Hispanic males that were killed in the stabbing spree in OC? Will Alyssa Milano, Tom Arnold, Rosie O'Donell or Bette Midler shed tears for these poor souls and their families? Will they stick their hands in their collective pockets and contribute to help ease the pain that has now been inflicted again? Fat chance!

The President has a plan that will be workable, like everything he that has set his mind to, it will be done at his timing.

@ThomasWic yep. I lost my gun rights when I was admitted to the psych hospital due to severe alcohol and drug insanity. I must petition the court and pay $250 to get them reinstated. And I’ve been clean and sober since 12/26/2012. The day I got out.

The doomsday clock is ticking and the dickheads who suspended Mitch McConnell's account have now set Twatter with a showdown with an Executive Order. To quote a very effective ad campaign - Priceless

What is it that the Democrats, the GOPe and the nevertrumpers do not understand? He has been studying you all for at least 4 decades. He knows how you think, knows what you think before you think it. He knows all your secrets that you have conveniently forgotten or tried to forget. He knows which buttons to press. And you are now exposing yourselves for what miserable excuses of human beings you are. Masterful, simply masterful.

I knew in 2011 that there was something very wrong with the notion that the Norwegian mass shooter's "manifesto" had to be taken at face value, but I couldn't figure out what the real story was.

Now I understand that he was the first trolling mass shooter.

Trolls compete with each other. Therefore unless we do something FAST, we're going to see "satirical" mass shooting happen much more often.

Reading Reza Aslan's insane timeline on twitter actually made me feel good. He is getting ratio'd into oblivion. Left wing madness is not popular.

The great thing about twitter is that people reveal what they really are. Many of them are mean, twisted, vile human debris that virtual signal and pile in a lynch mob mentality. Then you have the really sick demented likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Tom Arnold and Bette Midler

Michael "Truepundit' Moore is another handwringin inkshitter in the same vein as LostRefuse. I wasted minutes reading his site and watching a video where he going to lift the lid so to speak. All it revealed is that he is another individual whose life is a septic tank and wants you to support his lifestyle

Is this 2019 or 1938 when Orson Welles broadcast War of The Worlds. Twitter has plunged into fear, anger and loathing,

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