Somebody said this looks photoshopped but I don't know. 🤔


Pete Buttigieg says possessing illegal drugs should not result in jail. All drugs, not just marijuana.

(This message sponsored by Los Zetas and the Sinaloa drug cartels and the Chinese government)


They are trying to drive out the middle class and create a slave state consisting of the rich and illegals.

We freelancers are neither, but are too free for their tastes.


It's hilarious how the usual blowhards sanctify Khashoggi as some type of freedom fighter.


Khashoggi was an agent of Qatar, playing a dirty game. Yes he was murdered, perhaps by anti-MBS Saudis hoping to cause a wedge between the US and Saudi.

It didn't work.

He is dead, a very sad outcome. But that is the life he chose.

"After the Midway, the Japanese had lost the war, even though we still had to fight them for two more years.

The Democrats have lost the war.

They robbed the concept of impeachment of all meaning. Trump goaded them into doing that."

@wmims Damn! I had never seen that. He was brutal. Brutally honest, that is. I love that man!


Thanks for posting! I didn't watch it before and great to see hope he just nails it!

God is not here, on Earth.

God is inside you, and YOU aren't here.

Your body the animal is here, but the self is the mind.

And the mind is God.

When you open yourself up to yourself, you find God.

I got there by experiencing comprehensive disaster that continues to this day. Sometimes I wonder if my surroundings will ever match my mind.

It's impossible to say.

@HunDriverWidow @NevadaJack @Lonestar @masterblaster

Literally everything in that article is false.

It took me three minutes to find this.

All conspiracy theories are bogus.

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack @Lonestar @masterblaster

"Was General Patton MURDERED? Mystery over US war hero's death in hospital 12 days after he was paralyzed in an apparent car accident still fuels conspiracy theory 75 years on.

"...All reports pertaining to the accident have mysteriously vanished from the National Archives & the Library of Congress, main figures & witnesses were never seen or heard from publicly after the incident. ..."


It all makes sense now - the panicked crimes of Obama & Clinton in 2015/16 as they tried to fix the election, the sedition since inauguration to take down POTUS Trump - and the farcical impeachment probe of Pelosi & Schiff.

It's all about covering up what the Democratic Party, Obama administration & Clinton Foundation were doing in Ukraine.

This is going to be a massive, eye watering scandal the likes of which the US has never seen.

Buckle up!

Spoke with @GenFlynn tonight.

Leaving shortly to join his son for Christmas.

Asked me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.