Just one more thing: After being in Europe for over three weeks, my faith in the USA & its people never wavered. It didn't waver today, even in light of today's tragedy. We have so many more good people here than evil. Please find comfort in that; no matter what lies the media tries to sell with the blood of innocents. We are a country of God-fearing patriots. Always & forever.

@stephanieanne I meant every word. I am well-traveled. By the time I reached 30, I had been to 25 countries. I've lived in Spain, the UAE, South Korea, and Turkey. In fact, my twins were born in Istanbul. My husband is from Spain. I use to think that Americans were uncouth & uncultured, but after life experience, I realized that if I were in the worse predicament, I'd want a fellow American by my side. We have spirit. We have heart. We have valor. It's part of being an American.

@whernandez @stephanieanne problem is the world and even most Americans refuse to admit or acknowledge we have “American culture” so we get called “uncultured”.. just my take .. murica! 😀

Well said and thank you! God's blessings to you and your loved ones

@whernandez I agree totally. America is the greatest country on Earth period. More Americans have died on foreign soil freeing other people than any country in history period. So I only have two words for the media or anyone else that wants to say country was never that great.

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