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@realdonaldtrump @ThomasWic
Concealed anger is to be feared; but hatred openly manifested destroys its chance of revenge.

-Seneca the Younger

@NevadaJack I'm trying to wean myself off of and give as much business as I can to my small town "shop local" effort and to, yes, ....probably won't be a drop in the bucket but I dislike monopolies .....I like good strong competition .

Do you think these people really believe what they say? They scared the Schiff out of me.

Dems: No jails, no prison, no consequences. Consequences are mean.

Dems: snort, shoot up, smoke your pipe. It's all good. Laws are mean.

This is such a shit show. God help us if any of these clowns becomes POTUS. Ever. PDJT is a God send. I wish he could be our forever president.

ADEMAS! Beto slipped in his 10th grade Spanish! JA JA JA!

Biden is losing his ever-loving sh*t just as I go to turn it off. PDJT is under his skin.

Tulsi is slow. She sounds like she took a few hits of some Humboldt green before coming on stage.

Pete, get your uniform on & go fight! You feckin' clown.

Dems: Send in American sons & daughters of those dumb hicks in red states to get maimed & killed to protect foreign borders. 🤪

Castro: You poors, no hay que preocupar (you don't have to worry), the government will save you. Toma la teta.

Uh oh, Beto. You piss off Liz, she will neuter you...wait, you lost your balls a long time ago.

Kamala and her nasal fry done told y'all, you hear?

Pete drives a chevy, y'all. He is just a normal American, y'all. creepy-looking puke.

Angry Liz needs to talk about how she is going to mandate castration for all men. I want some honesty right now.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.