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A PRAYER Almighty God, send us a leader. A man with his feet planted firmly in American tradition. A tall man...with his head above the fog of selfish interests. Not a common man. This time, God, send us “an uncommon man”...a statesman. We don’t deserve him, but send him anyway. And hurry, please. The hour is late. The candle of freedom burns low.

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@realdonaldtrump @ThomasWic
Concealed anger is to be feared; but hatred openly manifested destroys its chance of revenge.

-Seneca the Younger

Norman, Oklahoma Mayor and city council facing backlash over their defunding the police. There is a petition going around to have them removed.

@whernandez Love and prayers to beautiful Tucker! ❤️🙏🏻🐕❤️


🙏 for Tucker. Happy Birthday Week, enjoy your trip! 💞🥂🎂


Lord be with those who were injured in this explosion. May they all have speedy recoveries.

Ongoing thread on Republican voter turnout in the 2020 primary season and special elections, and voter enthusiasm:

This is a new ongoing thread that will report on and discuss the issue of Republican turnout during this Presidential election season.

I’ll address primary and special election turnout and related topics.

Please add comments and any information you may have from your own regions. Local news is always better.

Tucker still has a runny right nostril, so vet wants to see him again tomorrow if it’s still running. We reserved cabins in Lake Shasta for my bday week, so our lovely neighbors are taking good of him why we’re gone. Here he is with our neighbor Severino. Praying that all goes well. Left credit card & vet info with them. Hopefully, they won’t have to use it. Keep my furry guy in your prayers.

Great Beard Blather show this evening — thanks, Thomas and Saul!

Has anyone drawn the comparison of Nero playing the violin while Rome burned and DeBlasio painting BLM on 5th ave in front of TRUMP Tower?

Subway melee and over 100 shot in NYC.


@Ballerina @whernandez @Jaime @2020_DJT My friends back home ask if it ever gets cold in Florida, I tell them “Sure I get ice on my deck all the time”.

@whernandez @RangerJohn

Hooray!!! So happy for our boy, Tucker!!! That's wonderful news, Mrs. Hernandez! Give him extra love from his friends, please! ❤️ 🙏 ❤️

@whernandez @RangerJohn

He's so handsome! I love your dog. I can't help myself. 😃 ❤️

Tucker update: He’s going to be okay! Doctor removed grass seed from tonsils. He has inflammation in his nostrils, but will be taking antibiotics & anti-inflammatory meds. Thank you for the prayers!!!!


Let us know how it goes! I'm sure he will be fine.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.