Yes! More people are learning the truth and seeing through him. Good!
Tawhidi blocked me on twitter (I wasn't a follower of his) for criticizing his LAME reason/justification for him remaining a Muslim, when all he ((seemingly)) does is criticize Islam. THEN about a year later he followed me!?! I once again criticized him. Then Tawhidi stopped following me and blocked me! Very strange behaviour by Tawhidi don't you think? (snake) Especially his fixation with Twitter small fry like me!

So Boris Johnson has made Sajid Javid the Chancellor .
Probably the best place to put him. Outside of national security/domestic influence and just counting the cash. He's now right where Boris can see him AND Javid can't influence others with his ((political)) calls for an investigation into 'Islamophobia' within the Conservative party. Good call Boris!
The rest of Boris cabinet, collectively, I believe WILL work well for Boris and Brexit and the PM's vision for Our Great Britain 🇬🇧 💪

Please let the libturds do their voodoo and delay the execution of Daniel Lewis Lee until at least June of next year.

The Trump administration frying a white supremasist the Democrats want to spare.



We fought a civil war over racism.

Inflicted massive damage on our country. Lost hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable lives.

At the University of Mississippi, snipers fired deer rifles at Deputy US Marshals armed only with tear-gas launchers. The deputies stood their ground.

Against racism.

This has never been a racist country.

@ThomasWic @baldilocks
People can call me whatever they want I do not care. I never have. I know who I am.
I also know that I can beat on your head with a two-by-four all day and I can't change the way you think so why on Earth should I give a fuck what people call me?
Sticks and stones......

@REX They're getting MORE insane.

Right now? They're defending people who have raped children, beat elderly people to death, have dismembered their victims, and an animal that raped and killed his OWN two-year-old daughter.

All because they hate Trump.

I hated Obama, but if he wanted to put these monsters to death I'd be cheering him on.

Dems are disgusting people. But it's what happens when you think you're morally superior. They can't see anything but their own world view.


He learned to speak perfect American English.

I think he first used it in The Hitcher.

It was always fun to hear his interviews in later life because he stuck with the American accent.

Just an all-around manly man.



Mueller has AGED DRAMATICALLY. That's no ruse.

He's a boozer.

What we saw is the result of a stunningly brilliant counterespionage operation.

Trump set everybody up. That's why they're all drinking. Look at Obama.

They all understand that they're doomed. Trump will expose EVERYTHING.

To my American friends . If you get a chance, watch Boris, reply to Corbyn, McDonald and mob today in Parliament. McDonald was literally jumping off his seat! :) And Corbyn could hardly contain his hate for Boris Johnson ;)
Corbyn's end won't be pain free

If you have a second I would like to ask people to go here and retweet and like this... Pretty please

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.


"BORIS JOHNSON demands the “immediate” expulsion of Sadiq Khan from the office of London Mayor "

July 2019"


Check your e-mail for a new Quodverum piece and video.

"Democratic Semantic Satiation. And Aversion Therapy."

Please press or click on drawing to see full drawing. This is a digital drawing I did on my small iPad, using the Pointalism technique (nothing but dots all over.) This is "WatchfulCat", haha, like my handle here.

Bank robber who stole $150,000 and was jailed for 11 years is now a Georgetown law professor who advises Trump on justice reform after studying in a prison library and winning two Supreme Court cases

Shon Hopwood spent 11 years in prison for robbing five banks in Nebraska when he was 23 years old
He discovered his passion for law in a library at a federal penitentiary in Illinois
The felon worked on fellow inmates' cases, including two for the Supreme Court

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