I can understand why many are displeased with Parler... but why hate on Gab, or any other novel media site?

After all, Gab is an open-source fork of Mastodon, the very software you are using right now! 🐘

Many Patriots are struggling to create new avenues for communication. We shouldn't bash them just because they're facing issues stabilizing their infrastructure.

We don't need to put all our eggs into one basket; in fact, we shouldn't.

It's easy to stop one network; very hard to stop many.

🇺🇸 US President Donald Trump is set to speak, January 12, 2021, from Alamo, Texas


Anyone know much about "LBRY" here? From what I can gather, it seems like we've finally got a well-made, and decentralized, YouTube alternative.

It also seems like Trump (or his team) have an account there, with all of Trump's YouTube videos imported (again, no new content's present, so take this with a grain of salt; regardless, it'll at least be a relatively fault-tolerant archive of his videos).


Also nice that there's a mix of non-political content on the site, too.

7. Timeline 2 :

First report of pipe bombs to Capitol police at 11.58am - Trump speech starts at 12PM (not 11am) - first breach of Congress by 'rioters' at say 12.30pm - discovery of pipe bombs 12.45pm - POTUS still speaking and presumably not informed (insane) -
Congress remains open (insane) -POTUS speech ends at ~ 1.13pm - the more 'rioters' permitted to enter Capitol building from say 1.30pm (insane) - PANIC.

Sorry but does that timeline make any sense to you at all? No. Me neither.

@drawandstrike load up on your Vitamin C & D3 and zinc, bro! The coof won't stand a chance.

Sorry to hear about the car. :/

I hope Mastodon keeps chugging along.

Most of the other alt-twitter sites are overloaded, and will likely face major problems ahead, should Amazon, Microsoft, and Google pull the plug on the servers they run on.

Decentralization of software and communications is the way forward on the path to digital liberty.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.