So, today, February 22nd, is the anniversary of my joining SQV!

Best. Decision. Ever.

Thankful @Debradelai for making such an amazing place. Not only where I can learn so much, but have fun and talk with so many great people!

@umad80 @Debradelai and if anyone has yet to support them and donate , now is a great time to do so!

@inverness01 @umad80

It is! As we grow, so do expenses. We need 200 new monthly contributors by March 15 to keep growing.

To all contributors thank-you! You make Quodverum possible.

To all of those who do not, what are you waiting for? Two cups of coffee or a pack of cigarettes per month will do!

@jeanseixasm @Debradelai @inverness01 @umad80

PayPal is the easiest way I found. No muss, no fuss! Just a monthly payment automatically taken out.

@watspn1013 @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @inverness01 @umad80 My years of management and slight case of OCD, lol, drives me nuts with WinRed, the #1 way of donating to Republicans. They don’t take PayPal. So many times I wanted to donate but having to enter CC Info makes the process more annoying.

@God_Bless_The_US @watspn1013 @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80 exactly . Drives me insane ... I get texts from John James campaign all the time and get annoyed because there is no PayPal option!

@inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

No idea why he does not have PayPal as an option. Our group will try to find an answer.

@watspn1013 @inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

PayPal has been on the rage of denying people accounts that had anything to do with selling or supporting guns.

James uses his experience as an Apache AH-64 pilot and that has one hell of a vision controlled gun on it.

The Kentucky district 99 results are the bellwether the press will do everything in the world to bury as long as they can.

Double digit Dem advantage and it just flipped in a special election.

@RonOgletree @inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

Your assessment regarding John James not using PayPal is probably spot on. Yet they allow Quodverum!

John is justifiably proud of his service to his country.

White’s Kentucky special election victory should rightly be considered a bellweather—exactly why MSM is burying the results!

Dems held KY District 99 for 33 YEARS & Dems outnumber Republicans by double digits & we flipped it!

Trump declared it a “Big Win”

@watspn1013 @inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

I'm looking forward to the possibility of James coming to Florida as a U. S. Senator and visiting our little toy house where we make the very best Apache Trainers in the world.

@RonOgletree @inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

Ron once John wins the MI senate seat in November, I am sure he would be delighted to tour your magnificent “toy house”!

You guys do indeed make the BEST Apache trainers in the world for our troops!

Many thanks for your contributions as well! We know how much you love making those “toys” so our fighters have nothing but the best to take with them!

@watspn1013 @inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

Thank you, they are magnificent seeing they start out as crashed or decommissioned aircraft and we make them virtually new again to the current models.

My very best to John and I am watching his campaign very closely. The fact he is in a virtual tie right now with the garbage polls only shows he is doing much better than is projected.

@RonOgletree @inverness01 @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

We believe he would have defeated Stabenow in 2016 had the RNC provided him more help. Hope they make up for it this cycle!

The garbage polls do show a close race and that is with his opponent Gary Peters’ almost constant barrage of TV ads.

John James’ message of faith and family, God and Country, and service before self demonstrates his worthiness & willingness to be our Senator!

Our Republican primary is August 4


@inverness01 @RonOgletree @God_Bless_The_US @jeanseixasm @Debradelai @umad80

Many Floridians are snow birds escaping the wintry Michigan weather. (Schools are closed today after a major snow storm—which I LOVE!)

So don’t be afraid to spread The word about John James! You just might convince a Michigander to vote for him for U.S. Senator!

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