Well, well, well. AOC let the truth slip out. She quickly recovered, but it was out there for all to see & hear.

Wake up America. Progressive/communist/socialist /Democratic Party want it all!

They want ALL the WEALTH and ALL the POWER.

Hear the truth!

@watspn1013 @Alex_Graham her morons won’t .. they think this dumb bitch is fighting for them when they are too stupid to realize she seeks absolute power and control over them . Throw in the usual smear to anyone with money and these entitled jealous lemmings froth at the mouth when she says these communistic things.

@inverness01 @Alex_Graham

As long as she promises her sheeple “free” everything, they will continue to vote for her.

What they may not be aware of is her net worth is over $2M and her mansion is valued at around $4.5 M! Not bad for a congressman that earns $170,000/ year!

@watspn1013 @Alex_Graham nothing is free . How stupid can people be ?It does not take much of a brain to get that it will be at the theft of your hard earned money . Just irritates the shit out of me .

@inverness01 @Alex_Graham

They are referred to as “sheeple” for a reason.

It can also be a generational ideal. Voting demonrat is the only they know. Their parents, grandparents, etc.

@watspn1013 @inverness01 @Alex_Graham

Ah. Indoctrination versus critical thinking. That's why they've gone after the schools.

@BennettVarsho @inverness01 @Alex_Graham

Saul Alinsky went after our youth back in the ‘70s.

His “Rules for Radicals” set out the methods and the radicalized university professors went full steam ahead. Alinsky said it would take time & be patient.

He would be ecstatic at how well his plan worked.

The cycle continues. Professors indoctrinate the future teachers. The new teachers indoctrinate their students & the students become believers.

Parents must be vigilant!


@BennettVarsho @trueblueTEX @inverness01 @Alex_Graham

They are vulnerable and very malleable high school kids.

One of the reasons the Demonrats want the voting age lowered to 16.

The teachers would have influencing effects on the kids right before voting.

Gee, what could go wrong?

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