My Political Journey

2008: lefty voted for obummer
2009: lefty
2010: lefty but disillusioned with obummer
2011: center leftist
2012: ron paul revolution
2013: center right
2014: libertarian
2015: libertarian
2016: libertarian tacit trump supporter
2017: trump conservative
2018: trump conservative
2019: trump conservative
2020: trump conservative
2021: trump conservative
2022: trump conservative

hey laying it out there and on the line, bravo.
You are still a baby.
Born in Democrat family, raised in a democrat education, worked 30 years for Mabell (sort of) in a closed union shop.
Retired 2007 and by then was getting tired of the liberal BS. Clinton's sucked, Bush and Cheney sucked, Obummer is cucked and until Trump came along I was siding with non-partisan.

Between Don Saul and all the harassment by the DNC I have seen the light.
All collectivists are fascists, period

Awesome. I was a Ross Perot voter back in the day lol 😂
. Don’t feel old 🤣🤣

Indeed lmao! I can’t recall? Comb-over? So HOTT lol 😂


My political journey:

2008: Civil liberties anti-Bush liberal; Obama Optimist
2009: ""
2010: disillusioned
2012: One year of undergraduate exposure to proglodyte leftoids catapults me out of the left
2013: confused
2014: jaded
2015: tepidly supporting Bernie since it seems his corpse will gum up the system; secretly admiring Trump but assume that he is a self-serving sociopath
2016-2020: utterly apathetic
2020: hardcore Trumper after seeing election obviously stolen

The 1st time I voted was in 1972 for Nixon because he was trying to win a war.
1976 Carter
1980 & 1984 Reagan
1988 Bush
1992 Clinton
1996 Dole
2000 & 2004 Bush
2008 McCain
2012 Romney
2016 & 2020 Trump (still a Trump supporter)
I like to think that as I got older I got a lot wiser.

@JeanLynch usually how it works! For me, I graduated and started working at the pharmacy in 2013. After i received my first paycheck, I never looked in the way of democrats or libtard policies ever again

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