1/ Fun fact about DROP

People often ask me how I ended up working in the ghetto. When I first graduated college(around 2013), I rented a sublet room that was even smaller than this one in the bronx for 700/month. At the time, I was working per diem at multiple pharmacies like 1 shift a week or maybe 2 depending on the availability. I moved in to the apartment and later on was able to find a full time Supervising pharmacist position at my current pharmacy through a


referral from a friend. The owner also liked it that I lived so close because other pharmacists who applied all live in the nice neighborhoods in long island or queens and he felt those guys would always be late and blame the traffic.


I became a hardcore minimalist and saved all my money to pay off my 100K in student loans. every paycheck I got, I pretty much threw 80% of it in to the loan. I paid it all off in about a year and then saved up to move in to a slightly bigger shithole nearby and i've been here ever since 😎

@Give_Me_Liberty Haha thank you! but i wouldn't wish that first dark year on anyone. I would advise my kids and anyone else listening to avoid if possible.

@watch4thedrop I can only imagine how tough it was, but still you continued with your plan.

@ilumanous @watch4thedrop So true. Debt is an anchor. My ex was very financially irresponsible and it left me struggling for a long time, but I learned how to make do and mend, be more resourceful.

@Give_Me_Liberty @watch4thedrop


And, If someone asks to borrow something from me, if I can't give it to them, I have to say no.

The last time I lent someone something, I learned a big lesson.

Not only did I resent that person, but they never spoke to me for a long time.

One day, I called them and forgave them of their debt to me. I told them that it was a gift, and that I am praying for them.

I ended up leading them to the Lord and their kids ended up with new wonderful parents.

@ilumanous @watch4thedrop Wonderful ending to that situation. Saying no is hard for me, but I've been burned too. Now I'm sort of a hard ass, depending on who's asking.

@watch4thedrop It’s easy to recognize! Many blessings to you and yours

@Jaygarza1 Lol thanks bro! didn't want to get killed by that compound interest

@watch4thedrop I need to be a minimalist. A work in progress
Kudos to you!

@Gmajv haha noo you don't have crushing student loan debt. you can enjoy life 😂

@watch4thedrop I’ve been preaching to granddaughter the minute you graduate consulate & pay off student loans & start IRA first pay check.

I am enjoying life. Went to college in my 40’s rolled that debt into mortgage, rate lower. Then housing boom I lucked out

@Gmajv Lucky! can I get the lotto numbers for this week?


Same thing my niece did. First year as a pharmacist she worked at Walgeeens. She got a good size sign on bonus, I can’t remember the exact amount, but she used that along with $$ she made working her first year to pay her student loans off.

@MarcusJ65 Smart! I'm glad I never have to look back on student loan debt for the rest of my life.


Hard work pays off unless you study gender identity or some other SJW bs. You earned the big$$ and didn’t waste any time paying it off.

@MarcusJ65 @watch4thedrop

Exactly...Return on Investment.

The Drop is one smart guy!!

@Dawnz haha thanks! but no, a wise man would have invested that money in mutual funds and doubled it, paid off their student loans and had an extra 100k to spare. but I just graduated at the time and knew nothing of the stock market 😂

@watch4thedrop well yeah, that may be but in the scheme of things, knowing what you knew did amazing!!☺️

@Dawnz I will definitely be teaching the kids finances and investing while they learning useless crap at public school 😎

@watch4thedrop A smart move..that will serve them well through life.A good role model. You are a great dad,in case ive never mentioned it before☺️ ❤️

@watch4thedrop Drop...You know the meaning of sacrifice in order to reach your goals and you understand delayed gratification.
You and others like you are our hope for the future! 🙂❤

@watch4thedrop I made a mistake, Drop. It's the third one I like best. I liked Chris Tucker's work in the first one but I think Mike Epps is funnier. The pace is quicker, the writing tighter. The Old Dirty Bastard in a Santa Claus suit cracks me up every time!

Live like no one else early so later you can live like no one else. Best “tuition” you ever spent.

@SpikeFL @watch4thedrop Sounds like Dave Ramsey. We followed that advice and we are not wealthy by any means but we are comfortable in our retirement.


Great accomplishment! I spoke with a young up and coming pharmacist a few years ago, a figure of $250k stuck in my mind, and that was after the initial 4 year undergrad work. That's probably not even accurate but damn, it's an expensive license.

@joebennett When I went, it was about 200k. I got about half of it covered with scholarships and grants. the other half through loans. I recently peaked over to my schools tuition. it's now 300k.


You did well with the scholarships and grants. Going it alone would be an incredible burden.

I'll bet salaries haven't gone up by 1/3.

@joebennett nope. in fact. they are going down. more and more pharmacy schools are opening up because there are scores of kids willing to take out 300k in loans and pay them and thereby saturating the market. I've seen job listings advertised for less than 60% of my salary.


At least those kids aren't wasting their time on bullshit studies. Still, it is a shame. Anecdotally, it really makes the building and other trades look attractive and viable, if you have the necessary attributes.

That’s not you In the video? Or is it LOl 😂
It says Dec 2022.? 🤣

@Donfa i wish i was 22 again lol. or at least my knees do

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