Translation: y'all were f*ckin up the white supremacy narrative


Race is just the saddle on the Marxist horse they ride.


OMG! Racist enough?!!! I can't stomach this BS. I'm glad you can laugh at this, sweetie. Better than crying, right?!! Let's do what we can so Trump gets another 4 years. Your children will be far better off with him in the driver's seat. This HAS to stop!

@2020_DJT We're used to it lol. Deblasio's already kicked us out of the specialized schools and obummer has made it more difficult for us to get into the ivy leagues. the price of hard work/intelligence when a democrat is in office


It is an abomination. Hard work deserves its reward. Intelligence is mostly dependent on genetics and a will to learn. NONE of this should be dependent upon one's "race." As you said, though, that's what happens when a democrat is in office. They spit on the founding fathers every chance they get. Disgusting.


One of my coworkers pondered. "what's the point of teaching my kids to do the right thing and pay what they owe when the democrats are just going to cancel all debts and make everything free anyways"

Good question.


It is human nature to want to work and excel at what we do. Great pride is derived from our achievements. It's very fulfilling to grow and learn with each passing day. They're trying to squash the very human spirit in all of us. THAT'S why you teach your children to do the right thing and pay their matter what the godless DemonRats do or don't do. (I could go on, but limited time and toot numbers!)

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.