i dont have a single negative word to say about @REX and i dont have a single negative word to say about @Debradelai . everyone has made their decisions and im hoping we can all just move on. leave the bad vibes for twatter.

@watch4thedrop @REX @Debradelai
This still going on from this morning? 🤦‍♀️ Best advice is to tell the truth. Like me fuck this fuck that. No Sorce needed.

@Jaime @REX @Debradelai i was one of the first ones to respond to rex’s original thread so i end up being tagged in everybody elses response. amazing how many closeted Q folks were in here all this time

@watch4thedrop @REX @Debradelai
See you should’ve never responded😂😂Do you have any zinc vitamins at your drugstore?

@watch4thedrop @REX @Debradelai
I’m not sure but I hear zinc is supposed to be good for your immune system. From some articles that I’ve been reading it also says vitamin C and D3 are very good. I take a high dose of C and D i’m wondering if that helped with not getting the virus as bad as some people.

@watch4thedrop @REX @Debradelai
I’ll be in touch with my doctor at some point in the afternoon tomorrow. I will ask him about the zinc oxide. So far no luck trying to find zinc vitamins. I don’t even know if what you’re saying and zinc vitamins are the same.

@Jaime @watch4thedrop @REX @Debradelai

Eye health vitamins like Ocuvite (buy the generic) have zinc in them as well as a few other compounds that are supposed to be good for your vision. My Mom has (so far) mild glaucoma and has been on them for years. As a contact lens wearer, my doctor also recommended them years ago. Supposedly it helps with oxygen absorption as well as preventing dryness.

@Jaime @REX @Debradelai i was joking about the zinc oxide. that is diaper rash ointment. do not eat lol

what you need is zinc sulfate. that along with vit c are completely out of stock ☹️

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