I've decided to put all my previous music toots into one thread and then pin it in case people want to revisit a song they liked that i previously posted.

So without further ado. Let DROP bring you dem vibez!


4/ Used to have this song on repeat for entire evenings back in middle school.


5/ I know I rag on NY a lot because of the Dem politicians but one thing I love about this place is that even though our subways are rat/garbage infested, there's still endless talent down there 😁


6/ Feeling kinda vibey today.

This song always puts me in a calming mood. Hope you guys like it!



The only time I want to hear about whistle blowing is when this song scrolls on my playlist




Kanye seems to be resurfacing lately. I bet he will be very vocal come election time.

Let me throw some Ye vibez your way!


oldie but goodie

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RIP to @luvmycountry1 Let me dedicate this vibez post to you my brother. πŸ™ πŸ™

"First things first, to God be all the glory
If it wasn't for His grace, there would be no hope in my story"


10/ Screw all the lib haters who are suddenly hip hop experts, Jesus is King is easily in the top 3 "all time kanye album" discussion


11/ I'm sorry, but I just can't stop plugging this damn album 😁

"Use this gospel for protection
It'sβ€…a hard road to Heaven
We call on Your blessings
In the Father, we put our faith
King of the kingdom
Our demons are tremblin'
Holy angels defendin'
In the Father, we put our faith"


12/ sitting back this lovely Saturday evening to a nice smooth cup of latte and listening to some soft vibez.



Sad but nice vibez. Infinitely better than any of this impeachment white noise.



I like the video and the fact that there are no words to this song 😁



Friends and coworkers ask me "yo drop, what's your secret? how are you so calm? aren't you afraid that you will catch the virus and die?"

My response: I listen to my favorite song every day before i leave the house



usually dont do political music for these but damn this joint is catchy af



wyclef jean not a big fan of POTUS but hey, good music is good music



Thank you for the link! It's going out to my email list right now!

@HunDriverWidow what difference at this point does it make? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@watch4thedrop @HunDriverWidow

Drop, honey, bitch is always drunk! How can you expect anything she says to sound normal?!


I did listen to this a couple of years ago. It's great. People are so damn cleve!


Duh, should be clever...not cleve. That's another story altogether!

@watch4thedrop I'm not a Christian, but you're right. I have listened to three songs from this album and it's BRILLIANT. Kanye is a GOAT. He is going to be bringing a lot of people back to G-d. I wish Matthew Miller would write another
"King Without a Crown" or "Jerusalem, If I Forget You." I miss the old Matisyahu.

@wziminer @watch4thedrop
I believe all creativity comes from God. Music, art or writing. Not everyone with the gift uses it for him. Free will and all that ish.

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