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as the summer ends, here’s one final post for for 2023. thanks for all who follow and enjoy these. see you next year!

hows dem grill lines? 😎

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Since Everyone has been dropping music after President Trumps mug shot was released. I decided to dust off the ole mic myself and do a collabo with a very special guest.

without further do, here is our album titled "Rethuglicans" with your very own D.R.O.P. featuring a surprise special guest, the one and only "D-Trizzle"

1st song

"Guess who's back"

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I'ma say this early

in 24', I'm voting for trump in the primary and Trump in the general.

Loyalty's first, all the bullshit's second

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I've decided to put all my previous music toots into one thread and then pin it in case people want to revisit a song they liked that i previously posted.

So without further ado. Let DROP bring you dem vibez!


not sure if people are taking this conspiracy seriously or just trolling but logically speaking, if fetterwoman had a stroke and croaked, why would the democrats go through the trouble of bringing in a stunt double to replace him rather than just get the democrat governor of Pennsylvania to appoint an apparatchik that will vote party line and not embarass them every week?

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One can put a coat and tie on a jackass and it is still a jackass.

on the one hand, i'm glad the republicans were able to actually agree and come together and fight against something without bickering with each other. on the other hand, i really do not give a shit about the dress code in congress

welcome to the bronx. the home of the flying graffiti artists named ‘camel’

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Well folks...

Rumors of my untimely demise are greatly exagerated! I'm not dead, not yet anyway.

I feel horrible that so many believed this to be true, i would have put an end to it long ago, but I just found out minutes ago and felt compelled to right this wrong. Simply can't let this stand.

It's gratifying that homies from FA (which I never joined) went to my memorial and all.

I hope it was nice because, well shit-fire... I missed it myself.

not too late to buy in on a near sure thing. can still make some money with a max bet

"Ms. Dominici said her son had been a healthy child who never even had the flu. His 7-year-old sister and three older brothers, 13-year-old twins and an 8-year-old, doted on him.

“He was the little prince of the house,” she said. “They took such good care of him.”

Ms. Dominici said that her daughter and 8-year-old son were with her when she arrived at the hospital and that they saw doctors surrounding her son, trying to save him. They wept as it became clear that Nicholas would not survive."

"Joseph E. Kenny, the Police Department’s chief of detectives, said at a news briefing on Friday that police suspicions about opioid exposure were prompted by the children’s symptoms and by the discovery of a so-called kilo press — commonly used by drug dealers when packaging large quantities of drugs — during a search.

One kilo press was found in Mr. Acevedo Brito’s bedroom, Two additional kilo presses were found in the closet where the fentanyl was found, the report said.

"Emergency workers found Nicholas, who would have turned 2 in November, unconscious. They also found a 2-year-old boy and an 8-month-old girl, both “unconscious and unresponsive,” the police said.

All three children showed symptoms of opioid exposure, the police said."

"Nicholas was later pronounced dead at Montefiore Medical Center. By early Saturday, the other three children were in critical or stable condition"

Karl Miller, a Bronx County assistant district attorney, said a kilo of fentanyl was found in a hallway closet outside Mr. Acevedo Brito’s room. Ms. Mendez, he said, had participated in a “reckless, depraved act.”

"On Friday, emergency medical workers arrived at the six-story brick building in the north Bronx around 2:45 p.m. A neighbor said one of the women who worked at the center ran out, screaming that she could not wake the children from their naps."

A day care center operator and her tenant were charged with murder in the death of a 1-year-old boy who had just started at the center and was exposed to fentanyl there"

"Grei Mendez, 36, who ran Divino Niño from an apartment in the Bronx, and Carlisto Acevedo Brito, a 41-year-old man who lived in the apartment, were both arrested Saturday evening on a count of murder showing “depraved indifference” in the death of the toddler, Nicholas Feliz Dominici.

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