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I've decided to put all my previous music toots into one thread and then pin it in case people want to revisit a song they liked that i previously posted.

So without further ado. Let DROP bring you dem vibez!


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12/ sitting back this lovely Saturday evening to a nice smooth cup of latte and listening to some soft vibez.

Because I never watched a college football game in my life, I assumed was another hashtag of crying libs blaming all their problems on their elders

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Prescription drug prices drop for the first time since 1973: Government credits 1% decrease to lower generic prices and slow growth of brand-name drugs

The last time prescription drug prices dropped was 1973, with a 0.2% drop
This year's 1% drop is credited to declines in generic drug prices, and slow, low growth of costly brand-name drugs
The report found pharmacy prescriptions account for 9% of the $3.6tn the government spends on healthcare

Learned something new from my friend who lives in Canadia today. Apparently, If your doctor is an incompetent moron and you want to switch to another one, you need to fill out paper work in order to "fire" the moron and then wait a period of time (could be up to a few weeks) before you can see another doctor.

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Check out DEMOCRAT Jim Cramer's literally BOYISH EXCITEMENT!!

Hey @watch4thedrop , you watchin' this? What happened to the "manufacturing slowdown?"....heh, heh

"CNBC’s Jim Cramer says these are the best "[economic] numbers I’ve seen in my life." He declares we’re going to win the trade war now because our economy is so much stronger than anyone else. These numbers "are a blessing."

Democrats are FURIOUS today."

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@JM @watch4thedrop

Denso is thriving. New buildings going up all over, and big billboards advertising job openings. One of the big airbag manufacturers is in bankruptcy due to numerous recalls. Denso is getting all that business.

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I usually don't like posting anecdotal stories to prove a political point but i'll make an exception today

I have a close friend of mine who moved out to Maryville Tenessee a couple of years ago. Been working as a bag checker at the airport for 12 dollars an hour.

She recently got hired at a major car manufacturing company(denso) and will be making 25/hr now

Everyone eats in the Trump economy 💪 💪

quite frankly, i hope impeachment passes the house. Then we can watch the real GOP grim reaper wreak havoc on the dems in every possible way

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@Debradelai @watch4thedrop @WarriorPoet @vabelle2010 Yes, and she got railroaded out of the FBI by that group of no-good fluckers.

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@watch4thedrop @WarriorPoet @wziminer @vabelle2010

Former FBI SSA and whistle-blower with years of stellar work on counterterrorism.

She blew the lid on McCabe and his propensity for illegality in 2012...long before the Trump campaign and muh Russia.

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Today, the investigation opened on me by a false police report on 27 November 2018 was finally closed.

That's why Twatter closed my account, but don't expect an apology any time soon.

Someone close to me Swatted me on that day and got the Twatter account closed.

It turns out that, despite the red flag and false report, I only found friends in the Police department.

Now, armed with copies of the incident report, it's time to find a Magistrate to go after the "complainant" and the bird.

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