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Here is what you will need:
◾Double Stuff Oreo Cookies
◾Candy Corn
◾Peanut butter cups (Peanut allergy? Use Rolos instead!)
◾Chocolate frosting
◾Yellow Frosting
◾Optional: Red frosting
◾Optional: black sprinkles for eyes

Steps to make your Turkey:

1) Grab a cookie and put a tiny bit of frosting inside, this will help hold the candy corn a bit better!

2) Insert your candy corn. It seems that 5 candy corns, smaller tips inserted into the cream center works best.

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When the IG report comes out in the next 3-6 weeks, Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok are going to need anal reconstruction surgery.

They are not alone.

Carl Ghattas is going to need prolonged treatment with massive amounts of Salve cream.

McCabe will sport untreatable damage to his sphincter.

For those of you with a curious nature:

How's John Brown different from his predecessors in CD? Where was he in 2004? How about 2010/11?
It seems Wray has been quietly getting some things done.


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Watson's video on the biggest Dim controlled shithole in the US, California.

Behold ... the Los Angeles.

He's done his homework on this one. It's filled with stats like the 75% homeless increase of those that cannot afford to live here since 2012.

The rise of medieval diseases like Typhus and Bubonic Plague. Crime at unprecedented levels due to legislation not allowing for prosecutions.



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