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Sheppard Smith is out at FoxNews,
about damn time! 😆

It appears that POTUS 's Syria gambit is beginning to work out
This didn't take long at all

AFP news agency
‏Verified account @AFP
29m29 minutes ago

Pressure mounts to repatriate and try Islamic State foreign fighters before they escape Syrian camps run by the now under-siege Kurds

I seem to be on a theme tonight why I don't have a clue

I am so happy that POTUS just reaffirmed my toot from 3hrs. ago
the Europeans refused to take responsibility for their terrorist citizens ' wanted the US to care for them so POTUS made clear we are leaving Syria so you guys step in and do your part

Anyone else remember when POTUS told European Countries that they are responsible for their citizens who went to Syria to join ISIS ; it was only 1 or 2 weeks ago ,they all collectively disregarded POTUS . Erdogen threatened to release 3.5 million refugees into Europe if they oppose Turkish incursion into Syria. POTUS gave them the opportunity to establish safe zones or take custody of their citizen terrorist I am waiting to see how long the EU Elites continue to laugh at POTUS's actions.

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@MaggieMoore @NotJustMe

Not for SQV, but we are approaching one year for QV.

We started the website on November 25, 2018 and SQV on January 23, 2018.

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@virgilkane It’s theatre of the absurd! All of these supposed
“genders” along with transgenders and gender fluid is ridiculous! I do
not want to go into a women’s
bathroom and wash my hands
next to a woman with a beard
and adam’s apple! I do not
want to watch a “woman”
wearing a jock strap in a
wrestling match. Looney!!

I am seeing new unfavorable media reports(thank God) concerning Male Trans Athletes in woman's sports , it's about damn time this absurdity comes to an end . I think this SWJ attack on American"s moral and values as well the hard fought battles over decades to elevate Women Sports and Athletes with Title IX.
I remember when when male Trans Female Athletes were known as the USSR and East German women's Olympic Teams

Interesting article on US Air Force operations from Al Udeid Airbase in Qatar to Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina contingency plans.
I'm a little curious if these tests are connected to the failed security breach at Shaw AFB which killed 2 men in the car that tried to breach base gate .
The car was stopped by an automatic vehicle barrier activated after the men failed to stop for security, I have not found any other reporting on this incident other than 2 unknown males killed.

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She is making every effort to convince the banks and Silicon Valley that there is a fate "worse than Trump."

Bless her tiny brain.

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True NY Yankee's fans won't miss a playoff game no matter who his client my be or that half the country is trying to take him and his boss down. Play Ball

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"We are moving toward a new form of governance operating on the basis of a panopticon, governance that uses data and algorithms, rewards and punishments, to impose control. This new model is already being tested in a Chinese experiment dubbed “social credit,” which shifts the weight of cost and responsibility for policing onto citizens, who become in effect their own probation officers."

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The stock marlet was over 500 points down while Pelosi and Schiff were crying over a dead terrorist and mounting their seditious circus.

Harbor no illusions. That is the purpose of these vermin: to create chaos in the markets and make the country ungovernable.

They will stop at nothing to subvert the elections.

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Yesterday, the Houthis said they captured three Saudis brigades, or 18,000 men.

Today they show a few Yemenis captured, along with a few armored vehicles destroyed and captured.

In other words, the Houthis made it all up.

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