I have to give Fat Jerry credit for one thing he accomplished today by having Pamela Karlan as a scholar witness he made Ruth Bader Ginsberg look smart, judicial, and pretty go figure

There seems to be a lot of fricken Stupid in the news Today; How STUPID are these people:
Black man who led neo-Nazi group dies amid bid to destroy it

A black activist who took control of one of the nation’s largest neo-Nazi groups — and vowed to dismantle it — has died amid a legal fight over who would lead the group.
He was a convicted Fraud who served time time with these Asshats he was no black hero

Black man who led neo-Nazi group dies amid bid to destroy it trib.al/7LhUyqc

One Rants about NY Sports the other Rants about President Trump
I can't tell the stories or the faces apart in Bizzaro NYC it is making me crazy tim3e to get out!

These are the people keeping us safe? and spilling secrets to the press and our enemies do they look non-partisan
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Work hard, play hard! NSA staff take time out to have a little fun on Halloween. Can you spot the Secret Squirrel, Cipher?

Can you believe this shit from an old elite hag who employed a Chinese spy, they just don't know when to stop

Senator Dianne Feinstein
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Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats have called on Attorney General Barr to recuse himself from matters related to Ukraine because of concerns about his role in President Trump’s efforts to damage a political opponent and undermine the Russia investigation

Michael Maloney
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Adam Schiff

Best WAPO Obit yet

Tucker Twift
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The Washington Post, austere guardian of democracy, dies in darkness at 141.

do you believe this shit 8 min. ago

Reuters Top News
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Mexico's president vows wage growth, labor reform funding in push for trade deal reut.rs/35N0ssK
Mean while his country is burning down around him and Reuters does not report on Culiacan

True NY Yankee's fans won't miss a playoff game no matter who his client my be or that half the country is trying to take him and his boss down. Play Ball

I swear if I didn't know he was dead
I would think this "DisInformation"
campaign against POTUS was being waged by a former Senator from Arizona . Trying to figure out who would do such a despicable act all that comes to my mind is

Someone should locate and apprehend the individuals involved in the Ukrainian Embassy nd US State Dept collusion in the 2016 Election and place them in protective custody for their own safety and placed in enhanced suicide prevention protocol . Is Victoria Nuland and Alexandra Chalupa comes to mind as well as the recently fired US Amb. to Ukraine

Jack Posobiec
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It seems the PM of Canada likes dressing up he must be a real pip on Halloween

Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden, is dead: report

By Bob Fredericks

July 31, 2019 | 2:31pm
The US has gathered intelligence that the al Qaeda leader’s son had died, NBC News reported, citing a trio of US officials.

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PBA Statement on “Water Bucket” Attacks on Police Officers

How the Hell did Tucker Carlson finagle an invite to DMZ

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Hey look who it is!

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