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TDS is a dangerous and contagious disease Democrats , Liberals, and Media Reporters are at the most risk of exposure to this severe form of mental illness for your best protection from contamination of TDS is to Vote Republican according to a new NIH report.

I do not know how any other of you other Quod's feel but I wish john Lennon was around for these current times but I sure wish John Lennon was around for theses current times I believe his voice would be similar to ours

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Perhaps Karlan's large donation to Hillary's campaign was her own attempt to buy a quid pro quo Supreme Court seat.
Could explain why she knows so much about corruption.


I have to give Fat Jerry credit for one thing he accomplished today by having Pamela Karlan as a scholar witness he made Ruth Bader Ginsberg look smart, judicial, and pretty go figure

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Yep...Hillary's short list for SCOTUS. Can you imagine?

God Bless POTUS

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@Cdubois @virgilkane The vileness of today's "scholars" has further solidified how unhinged progs really are, and as horrible as she is, Karlan REALLY helped POTUS today with her nastiness.

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Absolutely not! Even I caught some of the crap they were trying to twist.

Quods a question would any of you or your children spend thousands of $$$ to sit in a lecture hall and listen to those so-called scholars pontificate their liberal views of the Law ?

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They keep saying no one is above the law! I guess Joe Biden is not even to be considered a no one. What is he then because it seems he is above the law. Democrats seem to tell us what is above the law or not! At this point the laws are just a joke and shouldn't be inforced by anyone!

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Don Surber
Democrats offer diversity, not competence. But Booker has a point. The experienced white senators are even worse than him and Harris. One's a crook, one's a liar, and one's a commie. They are all socialists, which means they are willing to give you the shirt off your back.

Was President Trumps referral of Justin Trudeau as "two-faced"
meet as a double entendre to Justin's habit of using Blackface ?

Martha MacCallen just robbed Eric Swalwell's lunch money again you would think that the little idiot from the left coast would learn his lesson but no like most liberal millennial's he hasn't a clue and besides losing his lunch money he thousands of $$$ in college loan debt, most probably by taking law classes from a self described snarky,Bi-sexual Jewish law professor similar to the one that the Dem's had today but Eric wasn't smart enough for Stamford poor boy.

December 4th, 2019
Husband Of Democrat In Impeachment Hearings Took $700K From Firms Tied To Ukrainian Oligarch ‘Accused Of Ordering Contract Killings’: Reports

I am sure she will be an impartial judge no I'm just kidding

One question for the Media to answer WHO DEBUNKED the Ukraine interference in the 2016 Election ? That is the phrase of the Dems and their media but I really want to know who debunked the fact the Alex Chalupa in consort with the Ukraine Embassy worked with the DNC and Hillary where did the Black Ledger come from ?
Inquiring minds want to know

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Needless to say this is an overreach that puts us in the status of a police state.
All americans regardless of political affiliations should be so alarmed as to demand Schiff's removal from office.

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the dems are admitting to spying on the ranking minority member of the intel committee. how is that not big news? what GOP rep is mentioning it?

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Yes, I'm a boomer. (62 yo).

My grandparents were scarred by the deaths of infant siblings, hunger during the Dust Bowl, mysterious deaths of family & friend ("consumption"), agonizing deaths of parents from diabetes, etc. Life was very grim.

My parents were grateful they didn't contract polio, they had high school diplomas, jobs & medical insurance.

I can't imagine spending life angry and protesting the perceived injustice of student loans or fascism in America.

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