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Great short history of the press to put things into proper perspective;

Thread by @LarrySchweikart: " … 1) @rushlimbaugh discussed this yesterday. There is no amount of money that can "save" journa […]"
Have a good day. 🤖

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‪Super Bowl commercial. 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻‬


WOW: Miss World America STRIPS Trump supporter Kathy Zhu of Miss Michigan title claiming she’s ‘racist, Islamophobic, and insensitive’ via @twitchyteam

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You know what's really SICK about leftists, such as the fool below?

They're so deranged, than rather than simply condemn Epstein as evil and his many victims (kids) ruined lives as a tragedy, they see it all as just another fake Trump scandal.

They think it's all just a show.

Sorry, but I have no sympathy for these jerks. As reality hits - and it will - I hope that the weight of their lying haunts them, forever.

They've had 2 YEARS to research the truth. They ignored it. Good riddance

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'The traditional right is clinging on to power – but its ideas are dead in the water.'

Er, what about:


And the progressive left losing power. EVERYWHERE else.

Etc. And that's just the last 2 years!

Honestly who writes this garbage?

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Leftists never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. In this case, some guy from the Guardian. His argument?

Wait for it (drum roll, please)

Conservatism is a dying movement, because 'muh there are less angry white guys'.

The cowardice and arrogance of progressives never ceases to amaze. Even as a new conservatism sweeps the western world, they refuse to admit that they're wrong.


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China has put millions of Uighurs into concentration camps & harvested their “Halal Organs”, I haven’t heard May condemning the CCP.
May’s ex boss David Cameron is trying to raise $1B fund to invest in China. Shameful & disgusting!

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Great to see you on QV, Ben!

Your work on twitter - esp on China - has been superb.

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2 of 2

Trump has made unprecedented headway among non-white voters, but Paul Ryan and CNN refuse to see it.

Paul Ryan and CNN think Trump is relying on only white voters to win.

My mind is blown.

I knew that Ryan is stupid, but I had no idea just HOW stupid he is.

This is why Trump deliberately lost the House.

He had to dump the stupid wing of the party.

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I have a friend in Volusia County.

He was 100 percent apolitical. Never voted in his 34 years.

NOW, he's going to vote for Trump.

What made him register and decide to vote?

The endless attacks on Trump. They made him pay attention to politics, and now he's a solid Trump supporter.

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7. Group 2 - high profile totemic Dems such as Clinton(s), Obama, Biden, Rice, Power etc.

They go down AFTER the election, because the risk is they'll be portrayed as martyrs, should they be indicted BEFORE the election, leading to a surge in votes for the Dems.

Trump can move against them more effectively, in a second term.

Things are coming to a head and the decks are being cleared.

The enemy has already been defeated, they just don't know it.

As was the plan, all along.

The end.

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5. We'll see soon enough, but IMO what we are seeing is a 'clearing of the decks', before Trump orders his first cannons to fire.

He's already dropped a MOAB of titanic power that's going to nuke not just Dem Party, but their entire culture. That is Epstein.

The more targeted fire will be the IG report, declass, then Huber & Durham. And whatever else they've been investigating, behind the scenes.

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4. Remember, Trump has leverage over all the establishment Dems, that he wisely kept by not revealing his hand, before the mid-terms.

Pelosi, Schiff, Blumenthal, Warner, Feinstein etc. They're ALL caught up in this great scandal. As well as others.

But here's the thing : they haven't fessed up about SpyGate to the progressives, as well as more moderate Dems, who still think it's all a conspiracy theory.

The radicals are FURIOUS that Pelosi won't impeach. Because they don't know why.

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3. It's a Catch 22 for them:

The Dems need their leaders (Pelosi) to try and get them out of this mess, via impeachment. However, these same leaders know that any move to impeach guarantees their exposure in SpyGate and scandal.

However by failing to act, the Dem leaders cede control to the progressive loons like AOC. Deranged and naive, these radicals are easy prey for Trump and his team.

The Dems are SCREWED, either way.

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2. However, notice how Trump's strategic patience means he still has all his ammo, loaded and ready to fire?

Trump has been patiently waiting for this moment to arrive. Sun Tzu:

'The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.'

That opportunity is now fast approaching. You can see what a rabble the Dems are.

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1. Anyone noticed that over the last 2 months, the supposed Dem Trump 'scandals' have all been finalized? Consider :

- SDNY - case closed, no further action.
- 'Security clearances' - case closed.
- Mueller - report in, no collusion, case closed.
- Jean Carroll sex allegation - a pitiful joke, case closed.
- Trump tax returns - going nowhere.
- Epstein/Trump - again a joke, DOA.
- Al Green impeachment fiasco - DOA.

The Dems have run out of ammo, haven't they. Sure looks that way.

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The leftards are STILL screeching about video from 27 years ago, of a party with Trump (in a suit 😂), Epstein, many others and heaps of girls.

'Aha, we got the Drumpf this time!'

It never seems to enter the dimly lit crevasses of their tiny cerebellums, that Epstein is being hammered by a TRUMP/MAGA administration.

While the evil perv was being protected by their heroes under successive Democrat (and GOPe) administrations.

They are totally deranged. Reality is about to hit them HARD.

Well said! From Ace of Spades

Whenever the left declares that something is now beyond debate and an absolute prerequisite for acceptance as a tolerated member of the Kept Right, the Kept Right kicks up a slight bit of sulkiness at first, but in six months to two years, they are zealously urging the deplatforming of anyone who ignores the recent leftwing demands Time-Tested Conservative Principles.

They're cowards and weaklings as warriors, but they are bold and fierce as traitors.

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The lying leftist thieves are everywhere.
But we out them every time we find them.

Thank you Vince, for the heads up!

‪Nearly 200 people from the Obama administration went to work for Google...... ‬

‪Google's remarkably close relationship with the White House, in two charts: by @ddayen‬

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