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‪Superior, must read article. Facts, facts, facts.....‬

‪Chinese Takeout - American Greatness

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‪This is a must watch interview! Explains so much about the election and subsequent policy decisions...‬

‪America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE via @YouTube‬

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LIVE: If you watch the Mainstream Media, you probably have no idea this is happening.

Just a Live Shot of believers from all 50 states praying for our nation on The Mall in Washington DC

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The Justice Department on Thursday released a summary of its interview of a former FBI special agent who revealed damaging information.....

10 Disturbing Revelations on Flynn Probe from Former FBI Agent Barnett via @BreitbartNews

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9/26/2020 J Michael Waller

Democrat strategist Lanny Davis wants to start a new Confederacy by having states secede from the Union.

The California secession campaign started in Russia.

This Lanny;

Davis Admits He Lied To The Media About Major Trump Tower Report

Lanny Dunks on 'Pee' Dossier: Over a Dozen False Assertions About Michael Cohen

Yeah, they can start a country where a person can lie and not be called out!

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We are watching a very well calibrated takedown of deep-rooted evil that has taken hold in American institutions.

It's a joy to behold, too.

The best part is that Trump, Barr, Wray, Durham and all the others - including General Flynn - are way smarter than the morons who thought they could destroy The Republic, for their own ends.

Obama, Clinton, Soros - they are all totally SCREWED. All that's left is riots, violence, hysteria.


Stay safe.

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Not just 51 million Catholics.

Christians are 55% of the entire US electorate.

Now, a few may not vote Trump.

But what Dems are missing is that very few Christians will vote for the party of anti-Christian Marxist scum, that promotes killing of cops and burns down cities.

So let them attack Barrett, I say.

My sense is that she's tough as nails.

She will be a SCOTUS judge. The Dems will continue to self-destruct.


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Crooked in the DOJ crosshairs (has been for years).

What a joy to watch these assholes worlds fall apart.

Their target now? Att Durham, one of the most respected prosecutors in the US.

Durham won't give 2 shits about what these weasels say. It will motivate him.

Notice how Biden, the Clintons and Weissman are all freaking out lately?

This is starting to look really bad for the bad guys. REALLY bad.

These clowns thought they could take out Trump? Oh, my.

Too funny.

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2. Reports like this are great.

But to clean the streets, you need justice to shine.

Hunter needs to be frogmarched, with his accomplices.

Until then, chaos will continue.

And won't ever change.

Fingers crossed that Trump has a plan. I think he does.

The end

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1. Senate Report on Hunter Biden/Burisma.

Eye-watering corruption. By Obama, Joe, Clinton and the usual gang.

It's a great read for us.


How far does this take us?

End of day, Hunter is a sleazebag. As is Joe.


What patriots want is INDICTMENTS.

It's not hard to understand.

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