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‪Superior, must read article. Facts, facts, facts.....‬

‪Chinese Takeout - American Greatness

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‪This is a must watch interview! Explains so much about the election and subsequent policy decisions...‬

‪America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE via @YouTube‬

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Mad "MemeWarrior" Liberals
If you only watch one meme this year, make sure it's this beautifully crafted epic masterpiece from Wintrell!

You won't be disappointed.

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Grenell declassifies slew of Russia probe files, as Ratcliffe takes helm as DNI

This is awesome!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Look what Charlie Daniels sent to General Flynn!!! Good people take care of one-another!! Beautiful gesture!! 🥰

Fantastic article with very important observations...

Some Reactions on the Right to Joe Biden's Racist Gaffe Show Why We Lose Elections and Why We Deserve to Lose Them

Doug Wigdor announces he is no longer representing Tara Reade

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