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I would like to endorse the Ace of Spades blog at

I learn so much every day and laugh out loud at how the writers there point out the nonsense and scheming of the left sarcastically and honestly.

Check them out. You will be glad you did

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Great short history of the press to put things into proper perspective;

Thread by @LarrySchweikart: " … 1) @rushlimbaugh discussed this yesterday. There is no amount of money that can "save" journa […]"
Have a good day. 🤖

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@vince do these climate nutz who are trying to reach zero carbon CO2 output know that if they are successful they will starve our food crops thereby setting off a famine? Wethat probably their intent anyway.

you can't turn around without braking some law now a days....

In Massachusetts This Winter You Can Be Fined for Warming Up Your Vehicle

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@watch4thedrop As I have mentioned before, I was Chief of Anesthesia at several (large Corporation) hospitals here. The head pharmacist at one of them met with me a few times because we were trying to get them to lower the outrageous cost of drugs for their patients. The hospital found out about it and fired him. They couldn't fire me because I was an independent contractor and Chief of Anesthesia was an elected position. They did not like me very much after that. @HunDriverWidow

Very informative article about the men pardoned by POTUS yesterday....

Trump Issues Pardons in Three Highly Controversial War Crimes Court Martial Cases

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Iran has switched off the internet this evening if I am interpreting events correctly.

Corbyn wants to nationalise broadband in the UK..

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Buck Sexton @BuckSexton
While Democrats act like Trump firing a diplomat from her post in Ukraine is a horrific crime against America-

Just remember that Obama fired a highly decorated 4 star General from theater command in Afghanistan because one of his aides bruised Obama’s ego in Rolling Stone

A couple of important observations in this article.....

BREAKING: Trump Releases Second Ukraine Call Transcript

Excellent counter points to AMB Yovanovitch opening statement...

Dissecting Marie Yovanovitch’s Disgraceful Opening Statement

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Given we're talking about Wallace it was a w_t emotional experience..he's a slimy little piece of 💩..imo

Ryan Saavedra
Adam Schiff's behavior toward Elise Stefanik is appalling

If a Republican did this the media and the Democrat Party would instantly accuse them of being sexist

Well Said! 👏 👏 👏

Lori Hendry
Dear Democrats, we hated Obama like you hate Trump. Except we hated Obama because he hated America.

You hate Trump because YOU hate America.
7:17 AM · Nov 15, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

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What's all this fake news about DJT firing Yankovic? Al never even worked for POTUS.

Comrade Fudge
Her resemblance to Beaker grows by the second.

"Ambassador, how did Trump's references to his calls with Zelensky make you feel?"

"Mi mi mi mi miii. Mi mi, mi mi miiiiiii."

"Yes, that's just awful. What about how he's trying to weaponize US diplomacy against Biden?"


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Aaron Maté
Roger Stone was found guilty on charges stemming from his false claim of a Wikileaks backchannel. In reality, he had none. Let that sink in: the top proponents of Trump-Russia-Wikileaks "collusion" are now pretending that this verdict doesn't undermine their conspiracy theory.

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@vince Wallace is a sociopath. He doesn’t have feelings. Just lying again.

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Sean Davis
Nunes just yielded time to
, and Schiff just told her she's not allowed to speak. He's done that repeatedly today to her. Stefanik noted this was the 5th or 6th time today Schiff told Republicans they weren't allowed to ask questions.

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Sean Davis
Fox's impeachment coverage right now is indistinguishable from CNN.
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Eddie Scarry
· 1h
Chris Wallace is on Fox News right now talking about how "moved" he was by Yovanovitch's testimony. It was apparently an emotional experience.

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