Countries and organizations want to destroy us BECAUSE WE EXIST.

It was due to the actions of the world that the US was forced to create the greatest military in human history.

The world would simply not leave us alone.

Donald Trump finally figured out how to live on this deeply silly planet:

Nationalist Internationalism.

America first, but we'll help others if they ask AND if it's in our interest.

Deep thought of the day--how much misery could be avoided if we spent more time dealing with the present than shedding tears over the past or worry about the future? Contemplating the past is only valuable if you use the information to inform what you are doing now. Rather than worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future, you should use that energy to plan today to build for a better tomorrow.


It's always been that way.

The CIA has been trying for years to have the DIA abolished. Says that the Department of Defense knows nothing about intelligence.

The founder of the CIA was an army veteran of both world wars.

And the FBI leadership has never been functional.

Trump did all his spooking with the DIA.

No way in hell could the CIA pull off THIS defection, assuming it happened.

I'm sitting here, trying to wrap my head around the implications of the DIA having to keep a top Chinese intelligence official defector away from the CIA/FBI.
This is something else.
It's as if there's a cold war between the military and the CIA/FBI, etc.

Maybe there has been one for quite some time.

5) The subpoenas were issued on Feb 8, 2018, more than three years ago. It means sitting members of Congress, their staff and certain family members have been under criminal investigation for unauthorized leaking of classified material for more than 36 months and **it never leaked**.

@ThomasWic I find what helps is to take the "20,000 ft in the air" approach. One can't predict specifics; as you said we'll never know & they'll never share, nor should they.

By seeing the larger picture, digesting what's happened in the world, & looking to see what those changes affect, you gain more clarity, & in these times, peace.

So much unprecedented stuff is happening in the US and the world that it's folly to say nothing is happening.

People are just pouting that they don't know what.

In short order, the entire Middle East will tell us to shove it, and the Intelligence Community will be exposed as the corrupt, partisan imbeciles they are.

So it's all good.

Be patient.

The best is yet to come.


The current SecDef armed and trained the Houthis, Iran's slaves and the Shia version of the Islamic State.

The rationale was to help them fight al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Iran supports both the Houthis and AQAP, but our CENTCOM commander was too stupid to know that.

And know he's our race-obsessed Secretary of Defense.

This will all come out in the wash. The Saudis don't need us.

The less leverage we have, the better, given our natural dumbness.

Addendum 3

Buzz Patterson:
The House Managers are getting crushed. In some cases, by name. .@ericswalwell in particular. It’s glorious.

Jonathan Turley:
The defense scored points on due process over Swalwell claiming that a Trump supporter said "We are bringing the cavalry, Mr. President.

Cari Kelemen:
Q: Does a senator raising bail for rioters encourage more rioting? (like Kamala Harris did)

Leahy: You have 5 mins.

Trump attorney: Yes. (sits down)

🔥 Priceless

I may just keep adding to this thread 🤣

Paul Sperry:
DEVELOPING: Anchors and analysts on CBS, NBC and ABC are frantically trying to re-argue the Democrats impeachment case against Trump in the wake of effective defense by Trump lawyers armed with video montages of Democrats inciting violence and arguing 2016 election was stolen

Ok. The Trump legal team have TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES!!

Kurt Schlichter: Donald Trump is a hero.
And everyone misses him.

Rudy Guiliani:
The impeachment proceedings today prove that the current Democrat party is so rooted in hatred it is willing to distort video, forge documents, lie, and act like world-class hypocrites.

The question now is how many of THEM should be removed?

Impeachment blunder:
“we are bringing the Calvary" was a clear reference to a prayer vigil organized by churchgoers supporting Trump and not a call for military-like violence at the Capitol riot as portrayed by Rep. Swalwell.”

2 of 2

Trump and his businesses have been involved in 4,000 federal and state legal actions.

I’d say he has more experience than most of the armchair quarterbacks.

Allow the artist time to perfect the work before submitting to doom and gloom.

Trump loves this country, and has gone through hell fighting to save it. He has made and KEPT promise after promise to us.

My vote is one of the least significant things Trump has earned from me. He’s earned my admiration, my respect, and most of all, my trust. None of that probably means much to him but it means a lot to me and there are a lot of “me’s” out there.

He said “The best is yet to come” and we believe him. He’s given us no reason to doubt him.


Since when does a president leave without his VP or Cabinet there to send him off.

Since when does a party rush an impeachment without evidence of anything when the president has “left office”

Since when does a president issue over 50 EO’s in 3 weeks.

Something is off. I can't be the only one who feels.

These are not normal times, and Trump has not been a “normal” president.

Mini Thread

@Bluifox I had to respond to you with a thread.

I’ll say it’s too late to do anything when Trump comes out and says “It’s too late”. Until then, why would I not believe Trump is in control.

It hasn’t even been one month, and people act like the last 5 years didn’t even happen.

Trump hasn’t said a word to us since the 20th.

Since when does he go more than a day or two without saying something? Think of the material he could be using right now to talk shit to the Democrats.

Tell me again how delusional I am for saying that Trump defeated the election theft.

Nobody has been able to explain why Time published this article, especially at this moment.

Nobody except for ME, that is.

Judas goats did it. The Democrats signed their own political death warrant.



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