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These continuous stories about the DNC being financially insolvent seem like a red herring to me.

I don't think their lack of liquidity has curtailed their ability to disrupt Trump's administration nor silenced their disinformation machine in the least.

Must be nice to have the nation's legacy media apparatus on your side.

Maybe we'll see lack of funds impacting the next general election, but I'm not betting on it either.

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Sen. Chuck Grassley Called the Inspector General’s Office Part of the Deep State; Says FISA Report RIGGED


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This is your daily reminder:

Progressives don’t actually care if someone is a racist

Ralph Northam is polling at 51% in Virginia despite his blackface/KKK scandal

Justin Trudeau was just re-elected after having worn blackface as recently as 2001

It’s all just virtue signaling.


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Amazon just took down The Trayvon Hoax documentary by Joel Gilbert WHILE I WAS WATCHING IT!!!! Everyone needs to see this.

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Philip Schuyler
USA has had 45 presidents, 44 w birth certificate on display in their presidential libraries.
Not Obama. No physical records at all.
Electronic files only.
How does a man born in 20th c. not have a real birth certificate?
Only one way.
And only one reason.

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How many people today even know that Bobby Kennedy was killed by a Palestinian terrorist?


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Here's one for Eric McCormack



you wanna know why anyone in Hollywood who thinks for themselves has to keep their mouths shut and their heads down? Like Joe McCarthy, Eric sees ruining a career as a viable method to encourage lockstep. Be like me, or you're finished.

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Where is the hard reporting and fact finding around the ‘..oddly timed and choreographed, oft denied but magically approved...’ visa app of that Russian lady lawyer to be whisked into Trump Tower breathlessly for an odd meeting not many of which understood at the time? Where are the comms that led up to this approval and meeting? When will the Python like squeezing begin?

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Agnes Chow, one of the brave young HK leaders of Demosisto for true democratic representation.

She and Joshua Wong were arrested recently as an intimidation tactic.

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"USCBC: Beijing hesitant to target U.S. companies in China, but damage still being done | Hesitant my .... they have been actively targeting & undermining & copying American companies to the benefit of their own State Owned Companies 4 decades. WAKEUP! "


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New Zealand suspends funding to UNRWA

New Zealand has now joined the Swiss, Dutch, and Belgium governments in suspending donations to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) following an internal report that found "credible and corroborated" allegations of serious


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When PM Netanyahu refused to allow @RashidaTlaib & @Ilhan to meet w/the sponsors & supporters of the movement in Palestinian-controlled territories he did so, not because Trump said to, but b/c it was clear that they were using their position as members to Congress to advance the war against Israel being conducted by BDS.

bit.ly/PartyOfHate_2Z9ZuHm from the

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H/T: @jrossman12 on Twitter:

"Pope Leo XIII was right on target when he critiqued Socialists and their beliefs."

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